Sheila Kwambox Biography

Sheila Kwambox Biography Facts [Photos] Age, Family, Husband, Education, Career, & Net Worth

Sheila Kwambox biography facts are timely for the energetic Kiss 100 radio presenter now a household name in the Kenyan media industry. She is truly a good vibe for her incredible dance moves and affectionate personality. Fanatics cannot get enough of her inspiring life story.

The gorgeous Kwambox broke into the African limelight by starring in the Big Brother Reality Show. She eventually settled on Radio after several television appearances.

Sheila Kwambox Profile Facts

Real nameSheila Patricia Kwamboka
Stage nameKwambox
BirthdayMay 9, 1990
Age34 years
EmployerKiss 100 FM
SalaryKsh. 200,000
Net worthKsh. 20 Million

Sheila Kwambox biography facts

Kwambox brags herself a positive-minded lady having survived multiple childhood odds.

Coming from a humble family left her with survival options before luck fell her way.

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How old is Kwambox?

Born on May 9th, 1990, Sheila Patricia Kwambox’s age is 34 years as of 2024.

She is a typical beauty for her petite body, fashionable hairstyles, and wardrobe preferences.

Kwambox family background

The breakfast queen on Kiss 100 Radio is on record for disclosing the abject poverty that shaped her childhood.

At one point, her family was forced to auction household items for survival. Such extreme experiences would toughen her character with a fine touch of positivity.

Career history

The career journey of Kwambox started taking shape after pioneering K24 alongside seasoned presenters Smriti Vidyarthi, Apolo Kamau, Jane Ngoiri, and Ben Kitili

Beforehand, she was an excellent basketballer who was forced to quit the sport because of a severe knee injury. A special relationship with music left her scampering into the media industry.

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In 2015, Kwambox won Miss Tourism Kenya following a heated contest. Initially working for Homeboyz Radio, HBR, Kwambox moved to Vybez Radio and later Kiss 100.

Family and relationship

Is Kwambox gay? No, the extroverted Kwambox is straight and cares little about rumors linking her to homosexuality.

She recently joked about having a Ph.D. in folding things and moving out quickly. Kwambox says her family moved often in her childhood.

Who are her parents? Kwambox’s mother is from Kisii while her siblings and father are little known.

Sheila Kwambox husband

Is Sheila Kwambox married? No, the former Big Brother Africa contestant Kwambox is neither married nor dating because for her, marriage is a cause of so much confusion that she can not handle.

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She had this to say when asked about her dating life.

“I feel like the fabric of what used to hold the society together is no longer there. As a society, we are in that confusion trying to figure out what’s next... So, in that confusion, I decided I’m going to date myself and wait for Jesus Christ my Lord and personal savior.”

Sheila Kwambox.

It is all bad new for her secret lovers out there.

Sheila Kwambox contacts

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Born and raised in Nairobi, the vibrant Kwambox is your typical city girl with tom-boy tendencies.

Sheila Kwambox biography facts are mind-blowing to a legion of her followers. She is indeed a vibe.

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