You are currently viewing Simba Arati in Kisii County Politics: Flagging off rivals Prof Sam Ongeri and Hon Chris Obure
Photo: Aspiring Governor Simba Arati in Kisii County Politics . SRC: @simbaarati

Simba Arati in Kisii County Politics: Flagging off rivals Prof Sam Ongeri and Hon Chris Obure

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The presence of Simba Arati in Kisii County leadership is a relief to several young people who have long been sidelined by selfish veterans. It is only a matter of time before the youthful Arati replaces the unwilling Governor James Ongwae.

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati is moving political mountains in Kisii County succession politics. His earthquake entry in the gubernatorial race is highly threatening to several defunct principals from decades ago.

Hon Simba Arati in Kisii County politics

Simba Arati campaigning in Kisii alongside MP Onyonka
Photo: Simba Arati campaigning in Kisii alongside MP Onyonka . SRC: @simbaarati

Aged Kisii bosses re-baptizing themselves in the name of experience are clearly unwilling to retire any time soon.

These are the same vote-hunters who failed to give a sense of socio-economic direction when they were Members of Parliament and senior Cabinet Secretaries in the National Government.

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On the contrary, Interior CS Fred Matiangi has within the shortest time possible favoured regional progress than Prof Ongeri and Chris Obure combined.

That means five decades of underperformance; bearing in mind the two culprits were previously ministers.

Also, it is no secret that most of these founding fathers of Gusii politics are not investors in Kisii land.

In fact, they are billionaires in other parts of the world with the same money acquired from their poverty stricken Kisii voters.

To escalate this argument further, Kisii land is the most productive region in Kenya but yet the least progressive because of corrupt dealings.

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How corruption became a habit in Kisii and Nyamira counties

Next door reality portray the late Simeon Nyachae as a man who planted a seed of regional backwardness.

His focusing on growing a massive real estate empire at the expense of his people will haunt the community for several years to come.

Such would remain the case in the hands of most Kisii politics founders such as Obure, Manoti, Ongeri, and the late governor Nyagarama.

And now that we have an elite generation, it is not cool to continue chanting behind a lullaby-style of leadership.

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Luckily, tribesmen have taken over from Ongwae’s closed-door-democracy that regulated the 2017 General Elections.

After all, when will these prominent Kisii bigwigs in their 70s and 80s mentor an upcoming generation of leaders if they continue wishing power on themselves?

Behind the making of Simba Arati in Kisii politics is MP Onyonka with a fixed eye on the divisive ODM Party Ticket. Most importantly, a young governor will not only stir fresh dreams but also spontaneous creation of wealth.

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