Simba Arati wife Campaigning

Simba Arati wife Campaigning alongside mother in law Jane Arati campaigning: photos and videos

Kisii County aspirant governor Simba Arati was on Monday declared a suitable candidate by the elders of Bobasi Constituency. His receiving of blessings ahead of Chris Obure means an early home advantage. The pomp-and-colour event ended with Simba Arati Chinese wife Kwamboka in the spotlight.

Hon Arati was on January 17th, 2022, crowned a preferred gubernatorial aspirant from Bobasi Sub County. The political gathering held at Nyamache Stadium attracted thousands of supporters. In attendance was MP Richard Momoima Onyonka but Arati’s spouse and mother Jane stole the day.

Jane Arati endorsing her son Paul Simba to become governor

The vocal Jane Arati gave her son Paul Simba an exciting introduction. She started by clarifying that he is the fourth born son.

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Mrs Jane proceeded to praise Arati for the good work he has been doing since childhood. An appeal for support and blessings followed.

At last, she revealed originating in Bomachoge Boochi and finding her marriage home in Bobasi Constituency.

Videos of Simba Arati Chinese wife Kwamboka

The anxious audience picked a sense of humour from the high spirited Kwamboka.

Her Dagoretti North MP husband, Simba Arati, was also caught in the moment of slow dance moves.

Kwamboka launched the much-awaited moment by ordering the DJ to pull up. She then took off the face mask before conducting a frisky microphone test.

The crowd became even louder following her fluent Kisii greetings.

“Minto mbuya more? Mbuya more naende?

Simba Arati wife Kwamboka.

The greetings loosely translate to “How are you doing my people, how are you doing once more?”

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In between came a spontaneous introduction of herself.

“Enkorokwa Kwamboka, inche omorugi o Simba, mbuya mono ase ogocha.”

Simba Arati wife Kwamboka.

The Gusii phrase means “I am Kwamboka, a wife to Simba Arati. Thank you all for coming”.

Kwamboka who had until this time captured the audience ended with a creative vote request.

“Nabasabire ekura yomogavana oito Simba Arati. Mono, Nyasae abasesenie.”

Simba Arati wife Kwamboka.

The fact that Kwamboka, a Chinese national, could speak the Kisii language fluently in front of a large assembly seems to have sunk well with the locals.

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Paul Simba Arati wife Kwamboka left Kenyans appreciating her psyche and expression of love to the Abagusii people. Her vigorous dancing to a Kisii campaign song is still memorable.

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