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Rides are increasingly becoming a necessity in a world torn between busy schedules and a constant craving for fun. Even so, it is interesting how Spidmax continues to address these changes with creative travel solutions. Further insights from Spidmax Technologies App download reviews will interest you.

For the record, Spidmax Technologies is a Kenyan ICT company with deep interests in the taxi business. Top in their products and services range is Spidmax App – an equivalent of Bolt and Uber. The platform is mainly excellent for planning and scheduling rides among other user friendly features.

What is Spidmax App and how does it work?

Spidmax App is an elegant taxi application designed to make rides convenient and taxi driving more profitable.

Both Android and iOS users can download, install, and use Spidmax App in their phones for free.

Most importantly, the application comes with a simple user interface packed with pro features.

Notice that there are two versions on Spidmax Application; one for riders and another for taxi drivers.

1. Spidmax Technologies App download for riders

New users must sign up as riders to start enjoying benefits of Spidmax App.

How to download Spidmax App

  • Go to Google Play or App Store and search for Spidmax
  • Choose and install “Spidmax” to start connecting with nearby taxi drivers

Spidmax App requirements

Spidmax registration form has 5 requirements as listed below;

  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Password code
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Spidmax will send you a one-time pin (OTP) to verify and activate your account.

How to ride with Spidmax

Booking and riding with Spidmax offers custom solutions you will not find anywhere else.

Spidmax App offers 3 options depending on the need of a specific rider.

  • Within the City ride: the option lets you select pickup and drop locations within town
  • Out of the City ride: the option lets you select a pickup location, drop location, and number of trips outside town
  • Rent Booking ride: lets you hire the economy class, bikes, business class, and luxury rides at an hourly rate

Download Spidmax App to experience these new features ahead of everyone else.

7 steps of riding with Spidmax App

Spidmax will help you reach the destination with these 7 simple steps.

  1. Open Spidmax app, enter pick up and drop locations, then select the type of taxi depending on your budget
  2. Choose payment mode then click “Get pricing” to proceed
  3. Check the wallet box if you have an outstanding deposit on your account before clicking “schedule” or “now” to initiate a ride request
  4. A notification will appear as soon as the nearby driver accepts your request
  5. Another notification on driver arrival will appear,
  6. Provide the driver with a 4 digit one OTP sent to your Spidmax App to verify the ride
  7. Once dropped, you will receive an invoice, pay, and provide a review to complete the process.
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Did you know that Spidmax App has a wallet to help you save money for your upcoming trips?

2. Spidmax Technologies App download for drivers

The Spidmax Driver App is custom made for taxi drivers seeking to earn more from their work.

Easy connections to riders not only increases profits but also make driving a worthwhile experience.

How to download Spidmax Driver App

  • Go to App Store of Google Play then search for Spidmax Driver
  • Select Spidmax Driver and install to start connecting with nearby riders

Spidmax Driver App requirements

Interested taxi drivers should provide these 4 requirements to start earning with Spidmax;

  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • First and last names
  • Password or Pin number

Approval of the drivers’ account is a necessary step before joining a family of Spidmax taxi drivers.

How to drive with Spidmax Driver application

Driving with Spidmax is an easy way to earn a living without much pressure.

The app lets you to swipe right when you are available and left when busy – away from driving.

5 steps to drive with Spidmax Driver App

Follow these 5 easy steps to pick and drop your riders favourably.

  1. Wait for a ride request to ring your app
  2. Swipe to accept the request upon reviewing ride details
  3. Once you are at the pickup location, click “arrive” to notify the rider
  4. Ask the rider for an OTP to verify the ride
  5. Finally, click “Dropped” to receive and confirm the rider’s payment. Provider a review to complete the process.
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Remember to keep your internet connection active for more nearby ride requests.

About Spidmax Technologies company

Spidmax Technologies remains a key player in solving every day challenges with ICT solutions.

The company has its headquarters in Kisii Town, with enough presence in the larger Kenyan market.

We can only expect Spidmax Technologies team to keep launching more features for happier and profitable riding experiences.

Spidmax Technologies contact address

  • Phone number: +254742955487
  • Website: https://spidmax.com
  • Email: customer@spidmax.com

Spidmax offices sit directly opposite Hotspot II Lounge in Mwembe Estate, along the busy Kisii Kilgoris Road, within Kisii County, Kenya.

Spidmax Technologies App download for Android and Apple devices are available on Google Play Store and App Store. Go ahead, install Spidmax App for easy riding, and Spidmax Driver App for even greater returns in your taxi business. 

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