Starlink Internet Kenya Packages

Starlink Internet Kenya Packages & Prices [App] Installation Cost & Elon Satellite WiFi Coverage

Billionaire magnate Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet Kenya packages & prices are speedily gaining popularity in the larger East African region. A majority of locals are excited about cloud-speed connectivity despite the high installation fees and upmarket subscription rates.

The recently operationalized Starlink World Wide Web is staging intense competition against giant ISPs such as Safaricom, Zuku, Liquid Telecom, Airtel, and Jamii Telecommunications Limited. 

Starlink Internet Kenya packages & prices per month

The multinational internet service provider is expected to reach remote parts of the world with global roaming capabilities.

Sources say that SpaceX-powered Starlink has connected 40+ countries in counting.

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Starlink is serving the Kenyan market in collaboration with Karibu Connect as the first authorized reseller.

Is Starlink as fast as fibre? Yes, Starlink internet is fast with download speeds of up to 250 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 35 Mbps.

How much are Starlink devices? Starlink WiFi gadgets cost as high as Ksh. 89,000 but monthly subscription fees are as low as Ksh. 6,500.

Starlink Kenya residential packages

Installation costPricesDollars
Starlink gadgetsKsh. 89,000$628
Shipping feeKsh. 3,100$22
SubscriptionKsh. 6,500$46
TotalsKsh. 98,600$696

Starlink Kenya business packages

Installation costPricesDollars
Starlink gadgetsKsh. 349,106$2,465
Shipping feeKsh. 7,500$68
SubscriptionKsh. 13,572$96
TotalsKsh. 370,178$2,629

Starlink Kenya had this to say to the interested Kenyan subscribers;

“Users will be able to engage in common internet activity like email, online shopping or streaming a movie, but they won’t be able to engage in activities like online gaming or video calls. Service will improve dramatically over the next year.”

Starlink Statement.

Elsewhere, Safaricom PLC is also in the process of launching satellite internet.

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Starlink Internet Kenya Packages & Prices come in handy for both individuals and businesses with a need for super speed connectivity regardless of location in the world. Above all, satellite internet is preferable to terrestrial communications solutions.

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