Suspected Plane Incident at JKIA

Suspected Plane Incident at JKIA, Aircraft Overflying Nairobi Encounters an Incident at JKIA

 A dark smoke coming from JKIA on Wednesday, 31 May has raised eyebrows among Kenyans with some suspecting it to be a plane accident. The suspected plane incident at JKIA had earlier on been confirmed by the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), without revealing the nature of the incident.

“An aircraft overflying Nairobi encountered an incident at JKIA this morning. Immediate rescue operations are underway, led by our dedicated emergency response teams”

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Suspected plane incident at JKIA, fire drill operation

However, KAA through a press release revealed to Kenyans that the incident involving a plane flying over Nairobi on Wednesday morning was a “fire drill.”

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As we have it, the KAA organized the exercise to assess the level of preparedness, capabilities of the emergency response team and effectiveness of the airport’s emergency response procedures.

 “The exercise, which involved a simulated incident of an aircraft that crashed at the airport while overflying Nairobi, was organized by KAA as part of an ongoing commitment to enhance airport emergency response capabilities and ensuring the highest level of preparedness in case of any unforeseen events.”


The MD of Kenya Airports Authority, Mr Alex Gitari later expressed his satisfaction with the successful completion of the emergency drill.

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“Safety is our utmost priority at KAA, and conducting regular emergency drills is a crucial aspect of our commitment t ensuring the highest level of preparedness.”

KAA Managing Director

Mr Alex further commended the efforts of all personnel involved in the exercise for their professionalism and dedication.  

The vague scenario that earlier caused tension among Twitter users is under control.

The suspected plane accident at JKIA serves as a stark reminder of the importance of comprehensive training and coordination among concerned stakeholders, ensuring swift and effective response in the event of a genuine emergency.

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