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20 Tallest Buildings in Kisii Town: Umoja Complex, Kwanza Place, Zonic, Ouru Complex & St Jude

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The list of tallest buildings in Kisii Town is getting longer amid booming economics in Gusiiland. The capital is especially iconic with rolling flats and high-rise structures.

Proximity to Kisumu City is the driving engine behind the ongoing prosperity among Kisii tycoons.

Tallest buildings in Kisii Town

The tallest buildings in Kisii Town are a symbol of enduring prosperity in the colonial era bred Gusiiland metropolitan.

Featured high rises are enlisted below.

1. Umoja Elimu Complex

10-storey Umoja Elimu Complex along Nyanchwa Link Road is by far the tallest building in Kisii town.

It houses vibrant businesses and institutions such as JKUAT Kisii CBD Campus and the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM).

2. Kwanza Place Building

Formerly called Mocha Place, Kwanza Place is the tallest building in Kisii town with a record-high 16 floors and 2 basements. Its rooftop is 55.9 meters high.

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The premise houses Kingdom Bank, Cooperative Bank, and Eco Bank to name a few. Its parking capacity is estimated at 24 cars along the busy Moi Avenue.

3. Twin Towers Kisii

Located a few meters from Umoja Complex is the iconic Twin Tower building.

It is a 10-story building with a parking space of at most 10 cars.

4. Uhuru Plaza building

The long-standing Uhuru Plaza is a hub of ICT solutions from computers to printers and CCTV cameras.

Uhuru Plaza with 8 floors and several is only a few meters from Market Plaza and Kanjo offices. Within the building is Giganet Fibre Internet provider.

5. Ouru Complex building

Ouru Complex often called Equity Building is located along Kisii-Kisumu Highway, within the vicinity of both Umoja Complex and Twin Tower skyscrapers.

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Apart from Equity Bank Kisii town branch, the facility houses the populous Ouru Super Stores.

6. Omocha Complex building

Umoja building located next to Cooperative Bank houses voluminous enterprises among them the Family Bank Kisii branch.

The building situated behind Shivlings Supermarket is only a few meters from the Capital roundabout.

7. Zonic Hotel building Kisii

Zonic Hotel Kisii with 7 floors above the ground and 2 floors below the ground is located directly opposite the Kisii Central Police Station.

Within the multi-million structure is Fountain Club. A spacious parking lot is particularly attractive.

8. Magson Plaza Kisii

Magsons Plaza is located directly opposite KCB Bank and next to Family Bank nearby the Kisii Central Police Station.

The building has 7 floors housing the Cooperative Bank Kisii branch and other offices.

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9. Mwalimu Sacco Plaza

The high-reaching Mwalimu Sacco Plaza is among the latest structures in town.

It lies along Gusii Stadium Road, next to Rubia and Panon Petrol stations.

10. St Jude building

St Jude building located just opposite the Kisii main stage is among the busiest buildings in the capital.

Notable businesses include Kanyimbo and Mombasa Hotels.

11. Shabana Building Kisii

Shabana Building houses Safaricom Kisii branch shops and offices. The premise is located off the Hospital Road roundabout.

A majority of the tallest buildings in Kisii Town are landmarks for both locals and visitors. They are handy being destinations to the most preferred service providers.

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