You are currently viewing Tanzania State House Dodoma Photos [Worth Ksh 175M+] Inaugurated by President Samia Suluhu
Photo: Tanzania State House Dodoma Photos [Worth Ksh 175] Inaugurated by President Samia Suluhu . SRC: #FontsMediaKe

Tanzania State House Dodoma Photos [Worth Ksh 175M+] Inaugurated by President Samia Suluhu

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Tanzania State House Dodoma photos are trending online with a multimillion price tag caption. The recently built government mansion, commissioned by President Samia Suluhu, continues to make headlines.

The white-themed Tanzanian State House located at Chamwino in Dodoma was launched by President Magufuli in 2020. He allegedly allocated Tsh. 3 billion, an equivalent of Ksh. 175 million.

Tanzania State House Dodoma photos – Worth 175+ million

The newly launched Tanzanian State House in Dodoma is 200 times bigger than the current state House located in Dar es Salaam.

The mega project sits on a rolling terrain stretching 8,500 acres. A section of Kenyans is disappointed with the design.

“It should be an international school or group of schools.”

 Oscar Gavala.

Surrounding the 34-kilometre square hub of power is a green view landscape.

“(It’s a) very shoddy architecture for the intended purpose. The structure looks fit for a modern secondary school or college.”

James Kale.

A majority of netizens agree that the Kenyan State is way more magnificent despite being centuries old.

“Kenya’s statehouse evokes pure artistry involved in its construction. The columns and the curves in the windows speak volumes. I also love the tastefully well-manicured lawns.

Tanzanian statehouse is grand but functional. Apart from the Swahili architecture, it’s boring to the eyes. The landscape lacks character and the length and breadth of the building lack life.”

Eric Obara.

Before his sudden death, President Magufuli indicated that the Tanzanian State would become the largest in Africa once complete.

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He spoke on its immense glory while emphasizing that it is a brainchild of President Nyerere.

Further sources say that it was Nyerere’s vision to relocate State House from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.

Kenyan versus Tanzanian State House

The old Tanzanian State House was constructed in 1893 by German settlers, initially as a premise for the governor.

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The 3-winged structure was however ruined during World War I. The British Administration eventually rehabilitated the facility in 1922.

During his reign, President Julius Nyerere furnished the structure into a six-wing administration block.

On the other hand, the Kenyan State House, initially called the Government House was built in 1907. British architect Herbert Baker played a key role in its establishment at the Capital Nairobi.

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Herbert Baker proceeded to build several other buildings in Africa.

Cases in point are the Supreme Court of Kenya, Kenya Railways Central Station, Nairobi School and the South African Parliament buildings.

Tanzania State House Dodoma photos are sparking mixed reactions! Social media users do not seem to agree if it is a befitting structure for a commander-in-chief.

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