Victoria Rubadiri Salary per Month at Citizen TV – Allowances, Benefits, and Sources of Wealth

Victoria Rubadiri Salary per Month at Citizen TV – Allowances, Benefits, and Sources of Wealth

Victoria Rubadiri salary per month from Citizen Television is turning heads being one of the best-paid female anchors in Kenya. Admirers cannot stop to wonder how Rubadiri managed to craft a stable career in journalism in her mid-thirties. Victoria Rubadiri salary per month at Citizen TV The earning of Victoria Rubadiri at Citizen TV is … Read more

Magunas Supermarket Owner: From Hawker to Millionaire, Magunas Branches and Salary in Kenya

Magunas Supermarket Owner; from Hawker to Millionaire, Magunas Branches and Salary in Kenya

The rise of Magunas Supermarket amidst Kenya’s dwindling economy is a remarkable tale of the transformation power of dreams. Lets talk about Magunas Supermarket owner who rose from a hawker to a business mogul. Magunas Supermarkets Chain is a thriving business enterprise having branches in more than five counties in Kenya. It is in the … Read more

Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview: Hard-hitting Questions, Aftermath Photo, Online Reactions-Fans

Netizens online showered praises on Citizen Tv’s Ayub Abdikadir, after a relentless media interview with President Ruto William Ruto. The Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview is on praise for what has been termed as in-depth, thoughtful and impeccable preparation that led to a heated and engaging conversation. President Ruto’s second media roundtable interview that took place … Read more

Safaricom Sacco Loans App SafCIRI: Dividends, Interest Rate, Membership Requirements & Contacts

Safaricom SACCO loans App SafCIRI Dividends, Interest Rate, Membership Requirements & Contacts

Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies are on a steady rise because of their competitive financial products and services. We look at Safaricom Sacco loans with a closer focus on membership requirements, interest rates, dividends, and customer care contacts. Safaricom Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited started in 2001 is at least two decades old. Core … Read more

Ena Coach Booking Online [APP] Steps of Reserving Travel Ticket & Nairobi Head Office Contacts

Ena Coach Booking online application

Ena Coach booking online services are increasingly popular because of convenience and instant accessibility. Travellers no longer have to worry about reserving tickets for their planned trips. Even better, Ena Coach freely picks scheduled passengers along the route. That means, you no longer have to access congested bus stations for a comfortable seat to your … Read more

Actor Osoro Biography, CV, age, family, videos, movies, comedy, career at Ndizi TV and contacts

Ndizi TV Actor Osoro biography, CV, age, family, education history, and contacts

Osoro the Actor is a trendsetting Kisii celebrity within Gusii theatres. He is particularly famous for starring in Ndizi TV episodes. Away from stage management and scriptwriting is Actor Osoro biography with little known profile facts. The hilarious and down to earth character of Osoro continues to warm the hearts of many. More so, he … Read more

Okiondo Biography: Age, Real Name, Wife, Comedy, Show Latest Videos, Awards, Ndizi TV Actors

Ndizi TV Okiondo biography real names

Okiondo is a famous Kisii comedian, actor, scriptwriter, and businessperson with critical roles in Ndizi TV videos and movies. The highlights in the Okiondo biography will interest you. Okiondo is the best comic character among Ndizi TV fans. Besides, he is the starring actor at the Okiondo show. We all love his sweeping laughter and … Read more

25 Best Studios in Kisii for Music Recording, Photos, Videos Coverage, Weddings, Choirs in 2023

25 best studios in Kisii for music recording, photos, videos coverage, weddings, and choirs in 2021

The number of recording studios in Kisii town has doubled in the recent past owing to the rising demand for digital content. These media businesses come in handy for creative productions, photoshoot, and event coverages. It takes these modern studios to capture the audience and store quality memories. Various studios on our list offer excellent … Read more