Magunas Supermarket Owner: From Hawker to Millionaire, Magunas Branches and Salary in Kenya

Magunas Supermarket Owner; from Hawker to Millionaire, Magunas Branches and Salary in Kenya

The rise of Magunas Supermarket amidst Kenya’s dwindling economy is a remarkable tale of the transformation power of dreams. Lets talk about Magunas Supermarket owner who rose from a hawker to a business mogul. Magunas Supermarkets Chain is a thriving business enterprise having branches in more than five counties in Kenya. It is in the … Read more

Actor Osoro Biography, CV, age, family, videos, movies, comedy, career at Ndizi TV and contacts

Ndizi TV Actor Osoro biography, CV, age, family, education history, and contacts

Osoro the Actor is a trendsetting Kisii celebrity within Gusii theatres. He is particularly famous for starring in Ndizi TV episodes. Away from stage management and scriptwriting is Actor Osoro biography with little known profile facts. The hilarious and down to earth character of Osoro continues to warm the hearts of many. More so, he … Read more

Okiondo Biography: Age, Real Name, Wife, Comedy, Show Latest Videos, Awards, Ndizi TV Actors

Ndizi TV Okiondo biography real names

Okiondo is a famous Kisii comedian, actor, scriptwriter, and businessperson with critical roles in Ndizi TV videos and movies. The highlights in the Okiondo biography will interest you. Okiondo is the best comic character among Ndizi TV fans. Besides, he is the starring actor at the Okiondo show. We all love his sweeping laughter and … Read more

Faithstan biography, age, tribe, Forever Young, Jirani Ananimada mp3 download, lyrics, songs

Faith Stan biography

Faith Stan is a multi-talented Kisii singer, actress, scriptwriter, writer, and professional chef. She is notorious for her musical rnbs, blues, and afro-pop music beats. Faith Stan biography says more about the Kisii female artist she has become. Stan mainly features expressions, feelings, and nature in her compositions. The admirable music career she has built … Read more

Chris Embarambamba biography, age, tribe, wife photos, family, education, songs, awards, wealth

Chris Embarambamba biography and top profile facts

Kisii singer Embarambamba is the most theatrical gospel artist of our time. He is a limitless musician without an ear for critics. More so, Embarambamba remains undisturbed by unhappy activists and moral cops such as Ezekiel Mutua. It turns out that the evangelic comedian is everything from a mud dancer to a banana plantation dramatist. … Read more

Babu Gee Biography [Photos] Profile, Age, Wife, Wedding, Songs, YouTube Earnings, & Contacts

Omoisia Omongare Babu Gee biography, age, real names, and wife Moraa Antoni

Babu Gee is a multitalented Kisii artist now on the receiving end of fame and popularity. His life story and success in the music industry are adding by the day. Babu Gee biography is such an inspirant to his followers and upcoming artists. Babu Gee Omosayansi is a famous Kisii Musician, songwriter, scriptwriter, motivational speaker, … Read more

10 Profile Facts in Vicky Young Biography, Age, CV, Family, Tribe, Ensanako Contacts, and Wealth

Top profile facts in Vicky Young biography and life story

MC Vicky Young Ensanako is a sensational Gusii artist now taking the art of local music to another level. He is particularly famous for releasing viral tracks such as Chinkondi and Chiconnection. Vicky Young biography confirms it all with a special focus on his untold life story and latest hit songs. The superstar Kisii musician … Read more

Mike Sonko Wife Photos [Primrose Mbuvi] Njeri Wangui: Children Sandra, Saumu, Salma, & Satrin

Ex-governor Mike Sonko Wife Photos - Primrose Mbuvi

Mbuvi Gideon Kioko popularly called Mike Sonko is a veteran Kenyan politician with deep pockets and a good heart towards the less fortunate in society. Away from publicity, the former governor of Nairobi County is a loving husband and a responsible dad. A gallery of Mike Sonko wife photos spells a sweet love story. Sonko is … Read more