Brandy Mokaya Profile: Debut Song Nyota, Still Alive Signee, and Msanii Music Group Membership

Msanii Music group Brandy Mokaya Profile

Brandy Mokaya from Msanii Music Group is lately a trendy songbird and first signee in Still Alive Production. She commands a sizable audience for her rhythmic vocals and unwavering passion in the gospel industry. Inside Brandy Mokaya profile is a detailed life story and a touching music journey. An inborn talent is what drove Brandy … Read more

Kelsy Kerubo Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Latest Songs, and all Msanii Music Group Profile Facts

Lydia Kelsy Kerubo Biography and profile facts

Kelsy Kerubo Lydia is a sensational songbird within the outstanding Msanii Music Group. She is equally a fast-rising solo artist with several songs and albums on YouTube. Her successes are evident in Kelsy Kerubo biography. A mushrooming legion of followers attests to a perfect combination of beauty and sharp vocals. Kelsey is particularly the queen … Read more

Top 10 Facts about Msanii Records, Owner, Music Group History, Location, and Wikipedia Profile

Top 10 facts about Msanii Records, owner, location, music group history, and Wikipedia profile

Msanii Records Ltd is a trusted digital media company with a good reputation in music production, photography, and videography. Below the recording house is a famed chorale music group having a series of rhythmic tracks. A spike of facts about Msanii Records will leave you admiring this singing group the more. Latest songs by Msanii … Read more

Pastor Joyce Matara Profile: Husband Photos, Daughter, Sons, & Biography of a Kisii Preacher

Pastor Joyce Matara profile - biography of a Kisii Preacher

Pastor Joyce Matara profile is highly awakening among admirers and supporters. Apart from preaching, she is a resourceful speaker on real-life issues. The authoritative Matara came to the limelight following a series of powerful sermons at public events among them funerals. She continues to amass fame across Gusiiland and beyond. Pastor Joyce Matara profile Real … Read more

Lilian Kirui Biography [Photos] Age, Boyfriend, Wedding, Tribe, Parents, & List of Best Songs

Msanii Music Singer Lilian Kirui Biography

The highly expressive Msanii Music Group singer Lilian Kirui is a seasoned melodist with sharp vocals. Her style and determination in the gospel industry are far-reaching among fanatics. Lilian Kirui biography tells us more than just music. A steady web of followers is evidence of the good compositions that propelled Kirui to fame. Her founding … Read more

Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro Biography [Photos] Husband Joash Mokoro Profile & Family Life Sermons

Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro Biography – Age, tribe, & Profile Summary

Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro biography is a source of inspiration to several young people on matters of marriage and family. We delve into her life story with a curious eye on his God-given talents, husband, and children. The Seventh Day Adventist clergywoman Elizabeth Mokoro has lately been making headlines after scooping the preacher of the year … Read more

List of All Msanii Music Group Members, Chorale Singers, Pictures, Facebook, and Phone Contacts

List of all Msanii Music Group members and top singers

Msanii Music Group members are lovable for their melodious voices and passion in uploading praise friendly songs. The choir from the peak of Covid 19 managed to attract thousands of loyal followers within months. Presented below is a list of your favourite singers in the chorale group. Msanii Records choir has attracted undivided attention because of … Read more

Msanii Music Group Contacts: Telephone Numbers, WhatsApp, PayPal Address, Web & YouTube Channel

Msanii Music Group Contacts Telephone Numbers, WhatsApp, PayPal Address, & YouTube Channel

Msanii Music Group contacts are handy for anyone seeking to book the choir or its studio services. We have the addresses and telephone numbers for your guide. The melody-filled choir continues to cross boundaries with a message of hope for all believers regardless of denomination. Msanii Music Group contacts – Phone number Members including the … Read more

Bungoma Prophet Summoned by DCI: Self-Proclaimed “Yohana Wa Tano” Has 42 Wives & 239 Children

Bungoma Prophet Summoned by DCI Self-Proclaimed “Yohana Wa Tano” Has 42 Wives and 239 Children

An 83-year preacher in Bungoma has made the news headlines proclaiming himself to be “Nabii Yohana Wa Tano.” Ronald Nakila Wanyama has been summoned to shed more light on the operations of his Muungano Church of All Nations. The ‘Bungoma prophet summoned by DCI’ news comes amid investigations into churches in the region and the … Read more

Pastor Ezekiel Church Photos: Danstan Omari & Cliff Ombeta Fight New Life Church Deregistration

Pastor Ezekiel Church Photos Danstan Omari & Cliff Ombeta Fight New Life Church Deregistration

Pastor Ezekiel church photos are awash on social media even as the ongoing fight with the state continues to get nastier. He risks losing the New Life Prayer Centre should the Registrar of Societies illegalize the church. As we speak, Pastor Ezekiel and his able lawyers are at the crossroads of stopping authorities from deregistering … Read more

Who is the Spiritual Father of Pastor Ezekiel? Mentor Pastor Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Centre

Who is the spiritual father of Pastor Ezekiel & Who mentored Pastor Ezekiel

Who is the spiritual father of Pastor Ezekiel? The rise and rise of Pastor Ezekiel stems on his well-known mentor Pastor Pius Muiru. He has also been linked to the Shakahola Massacre mastermind Pastor Paul Mackenzie. The New Life Church founder is an influential with thousands of supporters and critics. He is a wealthy man … Read more