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Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth Forbes [2024] List of 5 Richest People in Kenya – Oxfam Report Tycoons

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Politicians and businessmen are among the wealthiest people in the world, more so in the African Continent. Those at the top are often investors in real estate, agriculture, oil, and mega-shares. Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth Forbes shares a glimpse into the bizarre world of capitalism.

Wiki sources allege that Kenya is the largest economy in the East African Community based on gross domestic product. Even better, it is the third-largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa after South Africa and Nigeria.

Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth Forbes list ranking

President Uhuru Kenyatta from the richest family in Kenya swims in immense wealth.

While much of his prosperity is inherent, the outgoing commander-in-chief has been able to increase its value by a great margin.

How much does Uhuru Kenyatta earn per month?

The salary of Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto were revised in the wake of 2022.

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Government of KenyaMonthly Salary
President Uhuru KenyattaKsh. 1.44 million
DP William RutoKsh. 1.23 million

The National Treasury released the salaries enlisted above in February 2022 following a massive cut.

Here is a detailed comparison of previous and current salaries;

RankPrevious SalaryCurrent Salary
PresidentKsh. 1.65 millionKsh. 1.44 million
DeputyKsh. 1.40 millionKsh. 1.23 million

Uhuru Kenyatta family is a major shareholder in major businesses ranging from banking to insurance, real estate, energy, agriculture, education, hotels, mining, and air travel.

Kenyatta Family net worth – Pandora Papers

The first family of Jomo Kenyatta is represented in every sector of the economy –both locally and internationally.

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Here are 7 profitable businesses and major properties owned by the larger family of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

  • NCBA Group PLC
  • Mediamax Group
  • Brookside Dairies
  • Heritage Group of Hotels
  • 500,000-acre farm
  • Timsales Holdings
  • Beta Healthcare

Additional investments in offshore companies surfaced recently through the Pandora Papers’ expose.

In the scandal are Panama assets valued at a whooping Ksh. 3.3 billion. More properties are circulating in tax haven foundations and companies.

Who is the richest person in Kenya?

According to Oxfam International, two individuals in Kenya control more wealth than 16.5 million fellow citizens.

Below is a list of the 5 richest Kenyans today.

  1. Oxfam Report says Sameer Naushad Merali is the wealthiest person in Kenya with a net worth of Ksh. 89.5 billion.
  2. Bidco Group founder Bhimji Depar Shah comes up second with a fortune of Ksh. 86 billion.
  3. In the third place is the textile manufacturer Jaswinder Singh Bedi with a net worth of Ksh. 77.1 billion.
  4. President Uhuru Kenyatta ranks in fourth place with a wealth base of Ksh. 60 billion.
  5. Tycoon Mahendra Rambhai Patel with financial assets worth Ksh. 48.7 billion slides in fifth place.
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With the skyrocketing number of Billionaires in Kenya is a doubling of those ravishing in abject poverty.

Annual assessments of wealth and assets compiled and published in reputable magazines confirm gross inequalities in wealth distribution.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth Forbes 2022 justifies his fame and power and indeed influence in the future of Kenyan politics.

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