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25 Best Universities and Colleges in Kisumu: Maseno, Great Lakes & Ramogi Institute of Technology

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Kisumu is home to several reputable universities and colleges serving a diverse range of academic interests. The vibrant city located on the shores of Lake Victoria is indeed a gateway to several educational opportunities. In this article, we take a closer look at top ranking universities and colleges in Kisumu city.

Proximity to Africa’s largest freshwater lake has also provided a unique opportunity for several institutions making it a hub for learners from different parts of the country. 

List of the best Universities and colleges in Kisumu

Among the list, top universities and colleges in Kisumu include Maseno University, Great Lakes University and Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology.

Below is a summary of these institutions, their location and contacts.

1. Maseno University-Main Campus

Located about 25 kilometres from Kisumu city, Maseno University is a prominent institution offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Maseno is one of the original seven universities in Kenya and it’s known for its commitment to research and community engagement.

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Maseno University contacts

AddressP.O. Box 3275-40100 Kisumu

2. Great Lakes University of Kisumu – Main Campus

Great Lakes University, situated in the heart of Kisumu, provides students with a diverse array of courses, including business, information technology and social sciences.

The university also has a campus in Nairobi, located at Centro House, 4th Floor & 5th Floor Woodvale.  

Great Lakes University of Kisumu contacts

LocationKisumu Town
Phone number0723686443
AddressP.O. Box 60827- 00200, Nairobi

3. The Kisumu National Polytechnic

This polytechnic institution is a hub for technical and vocational training.

It offers programs in areas such as engineering, hospitality, and entrepreneurship, equipping students with hands-on skills for the job market.

Kisumu National Polytechnic contacts

LocationTechnology Road Next to Kisumu Stadium
Phone number0572501501

4. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT)

RIAT focuses on technical and vocational education, with programs in fields like information technology, electronics, and automotive engineering.

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It’s known for its modern facilities and skilled instructors.

RIAT contacts

LocationOff Kisumu/Kakamega Road
AddressP.O. Box 1738-40100, Ahero Kisumu
Phone number0202065052

5. Tom Mboya Labour College

Tom Mboya College was named after the prominent Kenyan labour leader Tom Mboya.

This college specializes in labour studies and offers courses related to labour relations, social sciences and development studies.

Tom Mboya Labour College contacts

LocationRing road
Address754-40100, Kisumu
Phone number0572020211/0768978792

6. Kenya Medical Training College Kisumu Campus

KMTC Kisumu campus is located in the Kondele area next to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

For those aspiring to enter the healthcare field, KMTC Kisumu Campus provides various medical courses, including nursing, clinical medicine, and pharmacy.

7. Kenya School of Professional Counselors Kisumu Campus

This institution offers counselling and psychology programs at the diploma and certificate level.

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It equips students with the skills needed to support mental health and well-being in the community.

Kenya School of Professional Counselors Kisumu Campus contacts

AddressP.O. Box 2973 Kisumu
LocationMamboleo Off Kakamega rd
Phone number0572027071

8. Kisii University Kisumu Campus

Kisii University’s Kisumu Campus provides diverse academic offerings, including business, education, and environmental studies.

It’s part of a larger university with a strong commitment to research and innovation.

You can contact Kisii University Kisumu campus at 05830826 or email

9. Nairobi Aviation College Kisumu Campus

Nairobi Aviation College Kisumu Campus is located at Mini Mall Near Garisa Lodge, Apindi Street.

If aviation and travel are your interests, this campus offers aviation-related courses, including cabin crew training, aviation management and travel and tourism management.

LocationMini Mall Near Garissa Lodge
AddressP.O. Box 715 – 40100
Telephone number0714921937

10. Kenya Water Institute Kisumu Campus

The Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) Kisumu campus is about 8 kilometres East of Kisumu city at Kibos centre.

For those passionate about water resource management and environmental conservation, this campus provides education and training in water-related fields, including water quality management and hydrology.

AddressP.O. Box 60013-00200

Each of these institutions contributes to Kisumu’s academic and professional fields.

When considering universities and colleges in Kisumu, it’s essential to research each institution’s programs, faculty and facilities to make an informed choice that aligns with your aspirations.

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