Best Universities and Colleges in Mombasa

15 Best Universities and Colleges in Mombasa: TUM, Shanzu TTC, KNCP Port Reitz & Mombasa KMTC

Mombasa is home to several notable universities and colleges, offering diverse educational opportunities. If you’re seeking information about these institutions, here’s a guide to the best universities and colleges in Mombasa their locations and contact information.

These concise details should help you in your quest for higher education options in this coastal city.

List of the best Universities and Colleges in Mombasa

Among the reputable universities and colleges in Mombasa include the Technical University of Mombasa, Shanzu Teachers Training College and Mombasa KMTC.

Below is a summary of these institutions.

1. Technical University of Mombasa (TUM)

The Technical University of Mombasa is one of the leading public universities in Kenya located at Tom Mboya Street, Mombasa County.

TUM specializes in technical and scientific programs and equips learners with practical skills in engineering and applied sciences.

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TUM contacts

LocationTom Mboya Street, Tudor, Mombasa
Phone number0733955377/ 0208095365
P.O. Box90420
Postal address80100, Mombasa

2. Kenya Medical Training College – Mombasa Campus

KMTC Mombasa in the Tudor area next to Coast General Hospital Mombasa.

The campus offers health-related courses including nursing, clinical medicine, pharmacy and radiography, ensuring high standards of medical professionals.

3. Kenya Medical Training College – Port Reitz Campus

Port Reitz KMTC is another branch of KMTC In Mombasa located in Port Reitz.

The campus also focuses on medical and healthcare education increasing the number of well-trained healthcare practitioners in the region.

KMTC Port Reitz contacts

LocationPort Reitz
P.O. Box90219-80100, Mombasa

4. Shanzu Teachers Training College

Shanzu Teachers Training College is located in Shanzu next to Shimo la Tewa Prison and approximately 15 km from Mombasa CBD.

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The college is built on 45 hectares of land and specializes in teacher education preparing educators across different levels of learning.

Shanzu Teachers Training College contacts

LocationBamburi, Kisauni Constituency
Address90533- 801000, Mombasa

5. Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP)

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic is a public College accredited by TVETA. KCNP is located on Majengo Kisauni Road in Mombasa town.

This polytechnic offers technical and vocational programs and emphasizes hands-on training in fields like engineering and IT.

KNCP contacts

LocationMajengo Kisauni RD, Mombasa Mvita
P.O. Box81220 – 80100, Mombasa 
TEL0710389727/ 0712725554

6. Bandari Maritime Academy – Mombasa

Bandari Maritime Academy is a public college LOCATED IN the Shanzu area of Mombasa.

The Academy is accredited by TVETA and focuses on Maritime and nautical education. Some careers you can train with Bandari Maritime Academy include Ship management and navigation.

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Bandari Maritime Academy contacts

LocationMikanjuni Road, Mombasa
P.O. Box99469 – 80107, Mombasa

7. Kenya School of Government Mombasa Campus

The Kenya School of Government (KSG) Mombasa campus is located on Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Mombasa.

KSG specializes in public administration and governance training.

Kenya School of Government Mombasa Campus contacts

LocationNext to Aga Khan Hospital, Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa
P.O. Box84027 – 80100.Mombasa
Phone number0412228800

Full list of the best universities and colleges in Mombasa

  • Kenya Utalii College
  • Daystar University Mombasa campus
  • Kenya Methodist University Mombasa campus
  • Kenyatta Univesity Mombasa campus
  • Kenya School of Professional Counsellors Mombasa campus
  • KAG East University Mombasa campus
  • JKUAT Mombasa campus
  • Coast Institute of Technology
  • The University of Nairobi Mombasa campus

To sum up, Mombasa is not just a tourist destination but also a hub for quality education with diverse opportunities for learning and skill development.

These universities and colleges in Mombasa have made Mombasa one of the excellent choices for pursuing your education in Kenya.

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