Vicky Young Accident Video

Vicky Young Accident Video: Fatalities & Photos of Kisii Artist Car Torched by Angry Mob at Getare

Vicky Young accident videos and photos are causing a buzz on social media following a Sunday night grisly accident. Initial reports indicate multiple fatalities and severe injuries.

Further sources say that the Chinkondi hitmaker was driving along Kisii – Kericho Highway when the tragic accident occurred at Getare, near Jogoo Estate in Kisii.

Vicky Young accident videos & photos

Victor Orwachi Maina alias Vicky Young Ensanako caused the deadly accident on June 18th, 2023 at around 8:00 pm.

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It is still unclear if the renowned Kisii artist was drunk or not when his car veered off the road, killing four pedestrians among them motorbike users.

A few who escaped with injuries are ongoing with treatment in nearby hospitals.

On his side, Vicky Young escaped unhurt and is now in police custody pending investigation into the incident. Even so, his saloon car was torched to ashes by an angry mob.

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Emerging details say he was neither drunk nor driving during the incident.

Vicky Young accident happened on his way to Nyamira after a high spirited Shabana FC match at Gusii Stadium.

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