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Vicky Young latest Songs 2021

Full List of Vicky Young Latest Songs, Videos, Mp3 Download, Chinkondi, Ebesa, Top Kisii Mix

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The outspoken Vicky Young is one of the fastest upcoming Kisii artists with an upbeat talent. Above all, fans treasure Vicky Young latest songs for their message and rhythm.

The feeling that comes with Vicky Young tunes is genuinely irresistible. That is perhaps why his latest songs enjoy a fair play on the streets, homesteads, and even radio.

Vicky Young latest songs 2021

Vickyoung Kisii celebrities in Kenya
Photo: Vickyoung Ensanako . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

The young Kisii musician is having a good year judging from his latest hit tracks. At the heights of Vicky’s music journey are sensational tunes that will blow your mind.

Ensanako is the reason why local music is spilling across the traditional spot. You got to love the pleasant sensation that comes with MC Vicky Young Songs.

1. Egesusu – Vickyoung X Konshax

This killer track highlights the excellent life of a rabbit. Konshax and Vicky Young speaks about the simple life of Egesusu also called Rabbit.

Egesusu,(madem) omenta (Pesa) ‘chicarrot’,,, if you know you hehehe nakubali keep it bro

Joseph Mwema

Vicky Young admires the sharpness of a rabbit and wishes to have the same for survival in our challenging world.

2. Abachaina-Rednose ft Vicky young

The song speaks about the plight of Kenyans in the hands of the Chinese people living in Kenya.

My brothers, you never disappoint. Good music💯 on point. Much love brothers. #konshax was here!

Konshax Omosongo

The singer starts by acknowledging their contributions to our national development. He then calls for their manners in how they interact with locals.

3. Vickyoung Naanchire

Naanchire – Vickyoung Ensanako (official Video) came out recently and is already a huge hit. Fans can’t resist its lovely lyrics around his experience with a woman-material new catch.

Am single😭😭😭. Where is my Kisii man? 😍Naanchire💯💯

Lydia Kerubo

The song Naanchire by Vicky Young loosely translates to “I agree.” The song is a special dedication to his friends and fans in the circle of fresh romance.

4. Vickyoung Ensanako – Chiconnection

The hit title loosely translates to being well connected. The singer addresses how people become frustrated when seeking opportunities to earn a living.

Somethings that happen in our real lives….you are a star and you going far….keep the fire 🔥🔥 burning.

Gesare Ndizitv

According to the song Chiconnection, those without connections stand at the worst when trying to find career paths and other goodies in life.

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5. Vicky Young latest songs, Obobesa Obokeigo

Omosayansi and Ensanako speak against pride in an educational and entertaining approach.

I knew the collabo between Omosayansi na Vicky Young was going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Kisii music to the world go go go my brothers 💃💃💃

Damacline Mautia

Obobesa Obokeigo – Babu Gee Omosayansi × Vicky Young Ensanako (Official Video) dropped on November 6th, 2020, and has already recorded thousands of views on YouTube.

6. Vickyoung Ebesa Eborete Official Video

Ebesa Eborete is top in the list of Vicky Young’s latest songs.

Ebinto ebiuraime Monene etongiro igo eborete… This guy has never disappointed at all every song has a strong message . Kudos bro.

Steve Kirori2

This hilarious Kisii song explores the tough times in which money is scarce.

Ebesa Eborete lyrics must have been inspired by the declining economic performance caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

7. Vickyoung Chinkondi Official Video

Vicky young songs download all songs
Photo: Vicky Young Chinkondi . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

Vicky tears apart all the lazy people who earn a living through pretentious lies. He is unforgiving in describing their manners and habits. 

Love your song much my son keeps singing it all the tym I hard it like three weeks ago when I went to kisii kids are singing it from the beginning to the end ikeep on watching and reapitng it.

Ruth Moraa

The song is his number one most trending on YouTube. Also, it is one of the latest Kenyan Music 2020 Shot by Neskon Onfleek and produced by Augusto.

8. Vickyoung Titi Nkorundi Ft Miggy Official Video

Vicky has been releasing hits after another, and this track is undoubtedly on another level.

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His close career relationship with the famous Miggy Echambioni is now taking him to places within the industry.

We love Kisii music maybe u should translate for us to understand.

S Marko

The Video stars include Nyanchoka, Ndizi TV actor, Mwanagharibi & Obed Mokua (directors), and Visita ( 6 Beat Music) as the audio producer.

9. Noraita Vicky Young

The song Noraita is a piece of straightforward relationship advice to ladies.

Noraita song message targets women with uneven manners when they should be thinking of starting a family.

We should accept our culture. Now this is good. People should support local. But Miggy is International already.

Benson Gekonge

Symo on the Beat (A True Kana) is the producer of this music track from Ensanako and Miggy Champ.

10. Chimbekere Bweri- Vickyoung Ensanako

Now trending is Chimbekere Bweri from his latest series of charming sound plays. Vicky is singlehandedly going far and extensive in changing and influencing local music.

Nudes 0% Video Quality 100% Message 100% Talent 200% ARIMIS 100%😅😅😅Rakini onafanyia Arimis nini😁😁😁

Killion Makinda

The song is an appreciation from Vicky to his cows, which are a source of livelihood. He is undoubtedly protective of them.

11. Corona Vickyoung X Marube X Konshax Official Video

The song features COVID 19 experiences and how it has affected society. The track is a description of what the world should do to stay safe from coronavirus.

Marube my schoolmate nyansiongo high I remember he used to be our soloist music festival keep it up

Andrew Ondiekid

Vicky Young is a noticeable Kisii celebrity; this corona dedicated hit proves just that.

12. Siboka – Mayakuzeeh ft Vicky Young

Vicky has built his name through collabos and is not shy from molding others by featuring in their songs. Siboka from Mayakuzeeh is among several of his feature friendly tunes.

Aaauuuuuiiiii!!!!! NDIZI TV tuko locked. Salut to Vicky Young. Nyamira tore bobe!

Samora Kibagendi, Ndizi TV Executive director

If you have been hunting for some Kisii rap pick up lines, then the Siboka song is a good option for you.

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Vicky Young songs – Kisii Musician Vickyoung

Kisii singer Vicky Young chiconnection
Photo: Kisii singer Vicky Young . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

The level of creativity with which Vicky (Vicki Young) is composing new tracks is exciting. His lyrics are far much explicit, clean, and hooking than those from other Kisii artists.

Vicky Young all songs

These celebrated gems are now available on leading media streaming sites. Fans can also use them as Skiza tunes.

Vicky Young songs download

Jaw-dropping videos from Vicky Young are now available in leading album stores and on major streaming sites such as,, Viusasa, and

The process of Vicky Young latest songs download is now more straightforward. Start by searching for your favorite songs and then click the download button to create a cool playlist.

Kisii Singers and Vicky Young latest songs

The number of Kisii musicians has been increasing by the day, with their fresh gems going viral.

Top Kisii artists of Vicky Young’s caliber include Douglas Otiso, Ringtone Apoko, Pharry K (Kepha Bwonda), and Embarambamba.

More include Miggy Champ Echambioni, Faith Stan, Shourtie, Babu Gee Omosayansi, and Nyashinski.

More Kisii celebrities in Kenya

Miggy Champ Echambioni and Vicky Young Ensanako
Photo: Miggy Champ and Vicky Young . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

Kisii County has also produced successful figures such as Smallz Lethal, Sammy Samora Kibagendi, and DJ Bunney 254, the queen.

Others include Antivirus Papa, Osoro the Actor, Nyomenda, and Okiondo the actor among others.

The famous Vicky Young is an instance of several other artists doing well in the entertainment industry.

The Chinkondi hitmaker deservedly dominates the current airwaves. Luckily, Vicky Young latest songs like those from Sungusia and Kirwanda are timeless. He is indeed living up to his stage name Ensanako.

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