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Washington Jakoyo Midiwo biography (CV), age, wife, death news, family, wiki, MP career, wealth

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Honourable Jakoyo Midiwo was a powerful Kenyan politician and an astute debater in the National Assembly of Kenya. The fallen Member of Parliament served Gem Constituency between 2002 and 2017. Washington Jakoyo Midiwo biography describes a fearless ODM Party lawmaker who stood with his people.

The legislature of three terms became a man of the people for speaking harsh truths against the government. Likewise, he rose to the status of a national figure for standing firm with, former Prime Minister, Raila Amollo Odinga. We have a summary of Midiwo’s inspiring life story.

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo cause of death

Close family members announced the 54 year old Jakoyo Midiwo dead on Monday, June 14, 2021, at 4 pm.

A message of condolence from his excellence, President Uhuru Kenyatta, confirmed the sad news to the nation a few hours later.

Official reports have confirmed that Washington Jakoyo Midiwo cause of death is heart attack. Meanwhile, the legacy of Jakoyo Midiwo lives on.

Hon Washington Jakoyo Midiwo profiles summary

  • Real name: Washington Jakoyo Midiwo
  • Popularly: Jakoyo Midiwo
  • Nickname: Otada
  • Date of birth: July 31, 1966
  • Died: June 14, 2021
  • Place of birth: Siaya County
  • Jakoyo Midiwo age: 54 years
  • Ethnicity: Luo tribe
  • County: Siaya County
  • Occupation:  Politician
  • Parties: NARC and later ODM
  • Jakoyo Midiwo wife: Ms Midiwo
  • Years active: 2002 to date
  • Relationship status: Married

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo is famous for serving as a Member of Parliament in Gem Constituency for three consecutive terms until 2017.

Gem MP Washington Jakoyo Midiwo biography with pictures

Hon Jakoyo Midiwo is dead news, wiki, education, MP career, cars, house, net worth
Photo: Hon Jakoyo Midiwo is dead news, wiki, education, MP career, cars, house, net worth . SRC:

Who is Jakoyo Midiwo? Washington Jakoyo Midiwo was a long serving Gem Member of Parliament and a strong proponent of BBI.

He is a man who respected all and feared no authority on issues of public interest.  

How old is Jakoyo Midiwo?

Hon Jakoyo Midiwo age was 54 years as of June 14, 2021 when Kenyans learnt of his death.

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Born in July 31, 1966, Midiwo died a month before his 55th birthday.

Jakoyo Midiwo tribe, ethnicity, and nationality

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo is of the Luo tribe and ethnicity of the Nilote sub group.

Furthermore, he was a Kenyan national belonging to the African race.

Hon Washington Jakoyo Midiwo family biography

Jakoyo Midiwo parents are Mr and Mrs Midiwo. Besides, the former Gem MP has an elder brother called George Midiwo.

Unfortunately, Jakoyo Midiwo sister, Julia Apiyo, died on June 9th. The death of Jakoyo came before her burial scheduled Saturday, June 19, 2021.

Elsewhere, the extended family suffered two more loses in a span of two weeks.

Firstly, the Jakoyo Midiwo’s grandmother, Leonida Odima, died on May 30th.

Secondly, Jakoyo’s uncle, Peter Odima, died on June 3rd and was buried on the June 12th.

In summary, the Midiwo family is nursing fresh wounds of losing four members within 14 days.

Is Jakoyo Midiwo related to Raila Odinga?

Sources have revealed that the late Peter Odima is also uncle to Raila Odinga alias Baba.

This new finding cements the fact that Jakoyo Midiwo and Raila are cousins.

Jakoyo Midiwo wife and children

Washington Jakoyo and his wife Ms Midiwo are proud parents three publicly known children.

The couple has a first born son, a daughter, and last born son whose photos are still away from mainstream social media.

MP Jakoyo Midiwo education background

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo started his formal education at Ndori Primary School in Siaya County.

Midiwo excelled and qualified to join the Yala based Sawagongo High School for his secondary education.

Later on, Midiwo enrolled at the University of Nairobi from where he graduated with an MBA Accounting degree.

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Washington Jakoyo Midiwo career history

The career of Jakoyo Midiwo sparked in 2003 on winning the parliamentary votes of Gem Constituency on the Narc ticket.

He would defend his seat in both the 2007 and 2013 general elections.

In 2017, MP Elisha Odhiambo succeed Jakoyo Midiwo as the new legislature.

MP Midiwo defecting from the ODM Party

The unhappy Jakoyo Midiwo dumbed Raila’s party after losing the ODM ticket to Elisha Odhiambo.

Sadly, an attempt of Jakoyo Midiwo to vie as an independent candidate in August elections ended in another failure.

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo biography on ODM Party comeback

The lost son traced his way back to the ODM Party backyard a couple of years later.

Other 5 rebels who have since reclaimed their membership in the ODM Party are;

  • Reuben Ndolo (Makadara)
  • Omondi Anyanga (Nyatike)
  • Omondi Mulwan (Alego Usonga)
  • Oyugi Magwanga (Kasipul Kabondo)
  • Elizabeth Ongoro (former Kasarani MP)

Jakoyo Midiwo’s comeback earned him the role of promoting the Building Bridges Initiative within Nyanza.

Committee membership record between 2007 and 2017

Midiwo was a member in these 6 committees alongside his roles as an MP.

  1. House Business Committee
  2. House Business Committee member
  3. Catering and Health Club Committee
  4. Departmental Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade
  5. Joint Committee on Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library
  6. Departmental Committee on Defense and Foreign Relations

In addition, Jakoyo Midiwo profession CV pdf indicates that he was formerly a technical software implementation supervisor at Bell Atlantic Phone Company.

Miguna Miguna hits back at Jakoyo Midiwo

The NRM general, Miguna Miguna, is on record for saying that Jakoyo Midiwo was previously a New York based taxi driver.

Far from that, Miguna’s revelation on how Jakoyo misused his relationship with Raila Odinga for political gains remains an open question.

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MP Jakoyo Midiwo illness and health reports

Jakoyo felt ill on Saturday, June 12, 2021 and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital for medical intervention.

Health workers diagnosed him with low blood pressure and admitted him in the intensive care unit.

Another diagnosis of acute kidney failure added to the need for emergency treatment.

Midiwo’s condition improved and later worsened towards his cardiac arrest caused death.

Why Jakoyo Midiwo travelled from Siaya to Nairobi

Former MP Jakoyo Midiwo travelled to Nairobi purposely to celebrate the colourful academic results of his children only to become sick upon arrival.

Midiwo made the trip to meet his lovely daughter who recently graduated from a reputable university in South African.

On the other hand, Jakoyo intended to meet his son who scored a straight A-plain in the recently released KCSE exams of 2020.

Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo wealth stats

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo was a Luo tycoon with a net worth of about Ksh. 100 million.

Among his investments are real estates. In 2019, government ordered bulldozers demolished Jakoyo Midiwo Hotel in Kisumu City.

The multi-million restaurant attracted mixed reactions with some accusing governor Anyang Nyong and Raila Odinga.

On the same note, he is owner of the prestigious Golden Spot in Nairobi City County.

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo biography on contacts

  • Twitter: @JakoyoMidiwo

The life of Midiwo like no other in his political calibre.

Washington Jakoyo Midiwo biography reveals his relationship with ODM Party leader and CORD principal, Raila Odinga. It is also shares intimate details on professional and political career paths with emphasis on legacy.

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