What Happened to Andrew Kibe

What Happened to Andrew Kibe? Tiktoker D Lion Exposes Mr Lambistic’s $16 Walmart Supermarket Job

What Happened to Andrew Kibe? In an attempt to job shame Mr. Lambistic, Tiktoker D Lion captured a video of his workplace in the United States. In the clip, he alleged that Andrew Kibe is a low-profile employee at Walmart Supermarket with an hourly pay of $16.

D Lion further revealed that the highly controversial Andrew Kibe is a resident of Austin, Texas.

What Happened to Andrew Kibe?

Andrew Kibe left Kenya for the United States after his radio career in Kenya became intolerant to his unfiltered language.

He now lives in Austin, Texas working as a full-time content creator, mostly attacking Kenyan celebrities for among other reasons failing or broken marriages.

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According to D Lion, Kibe is a part-time casual worker at Walmart.

“Today I showed you where Andrew Kibe works… Let me show you where he works at Walmart so you can see for yourself. He works here as an associate and he makes $16 an hour. This guy is doing really well here in America. He comes here to work part time and then does his content creation full time. Yes, he is an associate at Walmart, can you see?”

Tiktoker D Lion.

Kenyans have since disowned D Lion’s attacks on his failure to provide sufficient evidence.

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The video uploaded in April 2023 did not show Kibe or any trace of him in that case.

“We don’t job shame!!! He makes more money on YouTube!!!!!!!!! Wether ako Wallmart, that’s a side gig!!!!”

Judy N O.

Kifee has previously been accused of moving in with a swanky granny for sustenance.

What happened to Andrew Kibe’s media career remains a mystery but we all know that he is now a prolific content creator.

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