Which is better Faiba or Safaricom

Which is better Faiba or Safaricom? JTL Faiba Pricing Versus Safaricom Home Faiba Monthly Rates

Which is better Faiba or Safaricom? Kenyans looking for uninterrupted internet supply often end up unable to choose between Safaricom Home Fibre and JTL Faiba packages. While both ISP are excellent, they are not at the same level of service.

We are here to help you overcome costly frustrations related to the search for a dependable internet company.

Which is better Faiba or Safaricom?

Research findings published by a worldwide internet speed tracker, Ookla, indicate the unexpected across giant ISPs in Kenya.

The speedtest.net Speedtest Intelligence Q3 2022 report covered 7 internet companies among them Safaricom, Faiba, Airtel, Telkom, Liquid Home, Access Kenya, and Unwired Communications.

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The findings are exclusive to mobile and broadband services.

ISPNet speed
Safaricom22.19 Mbps
Airtel15.69 Mbps
Telkom5.8 Mbps

While the speeds are fair, Faiba’s latency levels are surprisingly the lowest.

“In measuring the consistency of each operator’s performance, we found that there was no statistical winner for Consistency in Kenya during Q3 2022.”

Q3 2022 report.

On the other hand, Faiba leads in fixed broadband speeds.

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ISPDownload speed
Faiba25.66 Mbps
AccessKenya9.23 Mbps
Safaricom8.19 Mbps
Liquid Home7.09 Mbps
Telkom6.81 Mbps

The report further stated as follows.

“Faiba had the highest Consistency in Kenya during Q3 2022, with 51.9% of results showing at least a 25 Mbps minimum download speed and 3 Mbps minimum upload speed.”

Q3 2022 report.

Various ISPs in Kenya offer competitive speeds at varying latency depending on the town.

Penetration of the internet in Africa recently closed the 50 per cent mark with a significant uptake.

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Which is better Faiba or Safaricom? While Safaricom Internet guarantees a wider coverage, Faiba is pocket friendly with both ISPs at par when it comes to upload-and-download speeds.

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