Who Hacked eCitizen Kenya?

Who Hacked eCitizen Kenya? Sudanese Hackers Atack Government Portals in a Historic Data Breach

Who Hacked eCitizen Kenya? A Sudanese hacker group recently surfaced with claims that it had successfully infiltrated Kenyan government websites. The cyber attack was fuelled by the country’s persistent involvement in Sudanese political affairs.

Some of the sites that were reportedly attacked include e-Citizen and NTSA.

Who Hacked eCitizen Kenya?

Downtime experienced by Kenyans seeking critical government services such as driving license renewal and birth certificates have been blamed on Sudanese hackers.

Inofficial statements leaked to the press indicate that government websites and blue-chip firms were top targets.

Similar attacks may continue as long as President William Ruto is interested in Sudan’s internal affairs.

“The attack began on Monday, July 24, when these groups managed to breach these websites and portals. We are actually assisting to restore.”

Israeli cybersecurity Company.

Cyber security experts are ongoing with service restoration and upgrade of systems to avoid further interruptions.

The affected private websites have since recovered from the attack.

“The breach has obviously caused inconveniences for many Kenyan citizens who rely on the services. The government is working with experts to improve the security of the websites to prevent future attacks.”

Official  Statement.

The government-to-citizen (G2C) online platform launched in 2014 offers at least 5,000 services.

Some Kenyans who tried accessing the eCitizen Portal received the following message;

“This page can’t be displayed. Contact support for additional information. The incident ID is N/A.”

Web Attack Error Message.

Claims that the Sudanese hackers managed to access sensitive government information remain unverified.

Meanwhile, tension has been accumulating since 2019 when President Omar al-Bashir was overthrown from power.

Elsewhere, Sudanese General Yasir Al-Atta is on record for accusing President Ruto a political meddler in the region.

The government of Kenya is yet to comment on the extent of data breach.

Who Hacked eCitizen Kenya? Sudanese hackers took responsibility for compromising cyber security on government websites. Confirming the attack, ICT CS Eliud Owalo said investigations are ongoing to establish the extent of damage.

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