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Who is the Largest Shareholder in KPLC? Billionaire Ndindi Nyoro Listed as the Largest Investor

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Who is the Largest Shareholder in KPLC? Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, now a promising Mount Kenya region kingpin is the largest individual shareholder within the government-owned Kenya Power and Lighting Company. He recently disclosed the investment strategy that propelled him to the top.

The youthful Ndindi Nyoro surprised the nation in 2022 following reports that he is the largest stakeholder in the multi-trillion power company. He has since maintained his position ahead of other billionaires in the region.

Who is the Largest Shareholder in KPLC?

Reports dated June 2022 rank Ndindi Nyoro as the leading KPLC investor with about 28 million shares in the Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

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Further reports by the Capital Markets Authority show that he owned about 10 million shares at the end of June 2021. 

It is particularly interesting how the lawmaker managed to triple his shares between 2021 and 2022.

Ndindi Nyoro says he started investing in Kenya Power while a bachelor’s degree student at Kenyatta University.

“The investment has been accumulated over time. Several years back. We started off in stockbroking from 1st year on campus (KU)… The stock is cheap, actually a penny stock. Currently trading at below Ksh 2. With gross full-year revenues of Approximately Ksh 150 B, assets of around Ksh 325B, probably Kenya Power is undervalued.”

MP. Ndindi Nyoro.

Elsewhere, the Government of Kenya owns about 50.1 percent of all shares at Kenya Power.

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A figure exceeding fifty percent qualifies the government as a sole decision-maker

“GoK owns approx 50.1% of Kenya Power. All directors are therefore appointed by GoK. Our small stake is passive. We make zero decisions and are therefore purely a silent, retail investor.”

MP. Ndindi Nyoro.

The parliamentarian is on record for urging other Kenyans to invest in Kenya Power Company.

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A couple of ways to join are as follows;

“Any Kenyan can buy shares. You just need to open a CDS account from a stockbroking firm. Many banks also offer those services.”

MP. Ndindi Nyoro.

Huge investments are a cause of sibling rivalry with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Apart from being the largest shareholder in KPLC, Ndindi Nyoro owns Afrisec Telecoms with a total of $3 million in capital and $500,000 in annual turnover.

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