Who is the Mother of Raila Odinga

Who is the Mother of Raila Odinga? Mary Juma Odinga Profile & Father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

Who is the mother of Raila Odinga? The little-known biological mother of Raila Odinga is Mary Juma Odinga. She died in the early 80s without knowledge of the ODM party leader.

Raila’s now-deceased father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga is famous but not much info is available about her disciplinarian mom.

Who is the mother of Raila Odinga?

It pains the ODM Party leader that he missed the burial of her lovely mother in 1984. He says being in detention at Shimo La Tewa made it impossible to mourn his mom.

Even worse, he learnt of her death a couple of months later.

“Unfortunately the official news never reached me until two months later after her burial.”

Raila Odinga.

On the other hand, his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga died in 1994.

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Speaking on NTV a few years ago, Raila faulted Moi’s KANU regime for mistreating his family because of political differences.

“If they write you a letter, it would take six months to reach you. So a Christmas card was received in June. Like when my mother died, my family sent me a telegram to inform me that my mother had passed on. They kept this telegram for a long time. They never gave it to me but also a friend of mine who was also detained had received the information and had communicated via underground communication.”

Raila Odinga.

The agonizing experience still lingers in his mind to this day.

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Mary Juma Odinga, who is the mother of Raila Odinga, was a strong woman with a strong social appeal like that of his son today.

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