Fresh Fry Cooking Oil in Kenya

Who Owns Fresh Fry Cooking Oil in Kenya? Ramesh Malde – History of Pwani Oil Group Since 1981

Who owns fresh fry cooking oil in Kenya? The Pwani Oil Group owned Fresh Fry cooking oil is among the leading brands in local supermarkets and retail outlets.

Parallel products include cleaning detergents and washing soaps.

Who owns fresh fry cooking oil in Kenya?

Fresh fry cooking oil owner is tycoon Ramesh Kanji Malde who established the mega company in 1981 with help from brothers Naresh Malde and Anil Malde.

The Malde brothers established the plant for coconut oil production before renaming it Jomvu Pwani Oil factory for manufacturing sunflower seeds oil and corn oil.

Jomvu Pwani Oil Factory was eventually renamed Paln Oil Refining in 1985. The enterprise was at last renamed Pwani Oil Group amid rapid expansion.

As we speak, Pwani Oil Group Limited brags multiple brands among them;

Pwani Oil Cooking brands

  • Fresh Fri
  • Fresh Fri Garlic
  • Fresh Fri Ginger
  • Salit Vegetable Oil
  • Popco Cooking Oil
  • Mpishi Poa
  • Fry Mate

Pwani life care

  • Detrex Germ Protection Soap
  • Detrex Sanitizers
  • Diva Antibacterial Beauty Soap
  • Diva Glycerine
  • Sawa Family Soap
  • Sawa Liquid Handwash

Pwani life washing

  • Ushindi
  • White Wash
  • White Wash Extra
  • Popco Bar Soap
  • Ndume Bar Soap
  • Rainbow Washing Powder

There are even more.

The company mission rests on being efficient, profitable, and of greater impact to the community.

Ramesh Kanji Malde, Anil Malde, and Naresh Malde are the three brains behind Kenya’s most iconic manufacturer of edible oil and fats company.

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