why comedian Eric Omondi was arrested

3 Reasons why comedian Eric Omondi was arrested amid dramatic protest near parliament buildings

Comedian Eric Omondi was on Tuesday roughed up by armed police officers amid chaotic protests outside Parliament buildings. The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa was forcefully seized and taken to the Nairobi-based Central Police Station along University Way. It turns out that the main reasons for the protest are not why comedian Eric Omondi was arrested.

The controversial Omondi has lately been starting uncomfortable conversations around youth affairs. He spares no authority, especially those frustrating young people in the creative industry. One thing led to another before the funny Omondi bounced on top of the police land cruiser with the spirit of a freedom fighter.

Why comedian Eric Omondi was arrested

Central Police Station OCPD Adamson Bungei confirmed that Comedian Eric Omondi was arrested with the offence of stirring disturbance close to parliament buildings.

Secondly,  Eric Omondi allegedly flouted the necessary procedures of holding protests.

Thirdly, Omondi’s team became a security threat even as Nairobi County Governor Ann Kananu was taking oath into office.

It is not long, after Bungei’s statement, until Eric Omondi was released from police custody.

In between the arrest and release came an affirmation from Felix Omondi that his brother Eric was a new guest at the Central Police Station.

How Eric Omondi fired the protest

The comedian from deep within Churchill Show says he can no longer sit around and watch fellow artists suffering.

A day before the protests, Eric had this to say on his Instagram account @ericomondi with at least 3.6 million followers.

“HISTORY LOADING…TOMORROW 10AM!!! Tuesday November 16th will be REMEMBERED YEARS TO COME. Calling Upon All MUSICIANS/ARTISTS and All MEDIA Houses/OUTLETS to meet us at PARLIAMENT Building tomorrow 10am.”

Comedian Eric Omondi.

In another viral Instagram post, Eric ignited even more protesters into the streets of Nairobi.

“Kesho tunaenda PARLIAMENT ku fightia Muziki juu huko ndio kuna SPEAKER!!! But Wisdom will kill.me one day.”

Comedian Eric Omondi.

The post loosely translates, tomorrow we will camp at parliament buildings to fight for music because that is where the speaker of the national assembly is found.

Comedian Eric Omondi has since clarified that he was matching to parliament with a bill dubbed “Play 75% Kenyan Content.”

For the record, drama started when police officers blocked the solidarity movement from accessing youth MPS Jaguar, Mohamed Ali, and Babu Owino.

3 reasons why Eric Omondi was protesting near parliament, arrested!

Police in the dramatic arrest of Eric Omondi near parliament buildings
Photo: Team Eric Omondi protesting near parliament buildings . SRC: @citizentvkenya

From the video circulating on social media, it is clear that Eric is a one-man army with an agenda regardless of support.

A huge protest turnout confirms that a section of his supporters feels the same way about the state of art in Kenya. A list of 3 reasons for protesting summarizes the fiasco.

1. Eric is fighting for recognition of local artists

Comedian Eric argues that Kenyan media glorifies imported talents at the expense of its own.

Therefore, he feels entitled to fight on behalf of several Kenyan content creators who have been reduced to curtain-raisers at major events.

In essence, Eric Omondi envisions a Kenya where artists are recognized as much as it is the case in Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Ghana.

2. Omondi Eric is demanding better pay among artists

Eric Omondi who shot to fame in 2008 following an electric appearance in Churchill Show is back on the road, but this time, on behalf of struggling artists.

He has decried poor pay among Kenyan creatives in national and private events. According to him, hardworking local artists are terribly broke.

3. Play 75% Kenyan Content is mainly why comedian Eric Omondi was arrested

Eric and his team of rioters chose parliament for their demonstration to fuel a bill in favour of 75% Kenyan content on local radio and television stations.

The unruly group was dispersed in the first round but has vowed to persist on every Tuesday until their cry is heard by the government of Kenya.

Kenyan artists hit back at Eric Omondi following his disrupted protest

Notable replies from celebrities such as Rapper Jua Cali, Femi One, Bien of Sauti Sol, and Eddie Butita have so far warned comedian Omondi on his divisive art-revolution agenda.  

Contrary to expectations, these top Kenyan artists slammed comedian Eric Omondi with only a handful standing by his side.

The unforgiving Eric Omondi had this to say on Instagram shortly after leaving Central Police Station;


Comedian Eric Omondi.

Finally, the men in uniform should expect more of Eric Omondi comedy-like stints around parliament buildings on every Tuesday.

The main reasons why comedian Eric Omondi was arrested include disturbance. On the other hand, Team Erico protested for recognition, better pay, and fairer airplay. Even so, it is unclear why top artistes are giving upcoming creatives a hard time with the 75% Kenyan content bill.

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