Reasons why Ndizi TV is falling apart

5 Reasons why Ndizi TV is falling apart from Gusii theatres upon reshaping Gusii comedy and film

The rise and fall of Ndizi TV is a story of interest among loyal fans, especially those already addicted to their newly introduced comic hype. The main reasons why Ndizi TV is falling apart from the prime of success are therefore concerning.

Ndizi which means bananas in the local Kisii language is indeed a perfect name for the populous comedy series team. It is now hard to talk about creative production in Kisii without giving credit to Ndizi TV founders and premiere actors.

5 Reasons why Ndizi TV is falling apart lately

There are about 3 million fluent Kisii language speakers in the world suggesting a far reaching audience for locally produced content.

For that reason, Ndizi TV could have already launched a livestream television channel had it not been for these 5 likely problems.

1. Limited sources of income at Ndizi TV

A lack of reliable income streams frustrated operations at Ndizi TV resulting in less motivated partners.

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For instance, a growing number of actors needed daily pay for sustenance; which was not forthcoming.

Payments from YouTube AdSense, scarce projects, and a few well-wishers could not maintain this fasting growing group.

2. A lack of openness a core reason why Ndizi TV is falling

Ndizi TV actors who have agreed to comment on the silence of Ndizi TV seem to have little to no information.

Even the insiders such as Osoro and Makumba prefer distancing themselves from alleged financial mismanagement.

A finger of blame for lack of openness is still pointed at the direction Director Samora Kibagendi.

3. Internal differences and conflicting personal dreams

Some members had different dreams from what Ndizi TV was trying to achieve as a team.

These varying ideas eventually saw lead characters such as Kemunto, Papa Antivirus, and Okiondo exiting to start rival projects.

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4. Gaining too much fame without increasing in wealth

The instant fame that came with Ndizi TV met most actors unprepared for the celebrity status.

As a result, quitting to start own shows seemed an easier option for quick cash.

Sadly, a number of actors who separated are still struggling financially.

5. Social conflicts and tension among Ndizi TV actors

Some of the actors who pulled in their personal resources including finances for transportations and new on set costumes decry receiving less in return.

They gave in all they could in the hope that the success of Ndizi TV will pay back eventually.

Social conflicts among actors and talent mismanagement opened room for failure.

Unfortunately, Ndizi TV did not last long enough to satisfy the expectations of various actors who had pulled in their resources, energy, and time.

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Understanding why Ndizi TV is falling apart

A lack of dependable income streams stand out as the core reason why Ndizi TV is taking a nose dive.

The situation at Ndizi TV only worsened with the onset of coronavirus pandemic.

Reduced number of auditions, productions, projects, and events left the whole project desperately crying for help, which has since not been afforded.

Various reasons why Ndizi TV is falling apart stem on core challenges facing the Gusii creative industry. Most importantly, these youthful talents have managed to set high standards for later generations.

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