Public Health PS Josephine Mburu

Why President Ruto Fired Public Health PS Josephine Mburu [KEMSA] Scandalous Permanent Secretary

It is at last evident why President Ruto fired Public Health PS Josephine Mburu! The Head of State is finally spearheading investigations into corruption and mismanagement of state resources, especially in KEMSA.

His action is a response to various irregularities in the procurement process that led to the cancellation of the Ksh. 3.7 billion mosquito nets tender by the Global Fund.

Why President Ruto fired Public Health PS Josephine Mburu

KEMSA is a crucial public institution responsible for procuring, storing, and distributing medical supplies across the country

Recent investigations led by President Ruto’s administration have uncovered a web of corruption within KEMSA.

The institution has been exposed before with stem allegations around irregularities in the procurement and distribution of medical supplies.

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The scandal has raised serious concerns about the misuse of public funds, compromising the delivery of much-needed healthcare services to the Kenyan population.

The involvement of Josephine Mburu

Principal Secretary Josephine Mburu was fired on Monday over the latest scandal in corruption and mismanagement at KEMSA.

As a high-ranking official within the authority, Mburu held considerable power and influence over procurement processes and financial decisions.

Her alleged participation in corrupt practices has sent shockwaves throughout the country, highlighting the depth of the corruption within Kemsa.

President Ruto’s Stance on the Scandal

President Ruto has taken a strong stance against corruption and has made it a top priority to eradicate this pervasive issue.

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His swift action in launching an investigation into public servants demonstrates an utmost commitment to rooting out corruption.

 “I am doing something about it, you will see results I want to give you my commitment, I will clean up KEMSA, whatever it takes whatever it costs.”

President William Ruto.

By exposing Josephine Mburu’s alleged involvement, President Ruto sent a powerful message that no individual, regardless of their position, will be exempt from accountability.

Reforms and Anti-Corruption Measures Ruto takes on the scandal

President Ruto’s commitment to fighting corruption extends beyond this particular scandal.

His administration has undertaken significant reforms aimed at strengthening governance, transparency, and accountability in Kenya.

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By implementing stricter procurement regulations, enhancing oversight mechanisms, and promoting a culture of integrity.

 President Ruto said that he aims to create a sustainable anti-corruption framework that will benefit the entire nation.

President Ruto fired Public Health PS Josephine Mburu at the height of the KEMSA scandals even as the Ministry of Health gabbles for sustenance.

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