Why Somalia Banned TikTok

Why Somalia Banned TikTok: Telegram & 1XBet: Heated Threats from Kenya, State of Montana, & USA

The main reasons why Somalia banned TikTok, Telegram, & 1XBet range from limiting the spread of indecent content to propaganda and political misunderstandings. Communications minister insisted that internet service providers have until August 24th to effect the ban.

Sources say that the armed group al-Shabab, which is waging war against the Somali state, uses the platforms to publicize its activities.

Why Somalia Banned TikTok, Telegram & 1XBet

Stiff opposition continues to build up from monetized TikTok users posting clean content on the platform.

TikTok is awaiting official communication following the ban before releasing a press statement.

“The minister of communications orders internet companies to stop the aforementioned applications, which terrorists and immoral groups use to spread constant horrific images and misinformation to the public.”

Communication Minister, Jama Hassan Khalif.

Abdulkadir Ali Mohamed, a self-proclaimed TikTok president of Somalia had this to say;

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“The ban on TikTok will make the lights of many homes go off… Where will we get our daily bread?”

Abdulkadir Ali Mohamed.

TikTok gold seller, Halimo Hassan, had this to say about losing his esteemed customers.

“I urge the government to allow TikTok for the public, but control how it is used in the cultural context of Somalia.”

Halimo Hassan.

Elsewhere, Kenya is debating the possibility of banning the social media platform in the country.

The US State of Montana became the first to ban the app in May. The United States has only served ban threats.

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Explicit content is part of the reasons why Somalia banned TikTok, Telegram, & 1XBet.

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