Best WiFi Internet Providers in Donholm

15 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Donholm: List of ISPs in Nairobi, Packages, Prices, & Contact

Today, a majority of the people use the internet for communication, studies, and businesses – to name a few. As a result, there have emerged several ISPs at local and national levels. We take a closer look at the list of WiFi internet providers in Donholm Estate within Nairobi County.

Most of these internet providers within Donholm are mainly accessible along Jogoo Road. Directly connected are populated residential centres in Embakasi, Pumwani and Makadara.

List of 15 best WIFI internet providers in Donholm

The need for speed, location, and the number of expected WiFi users are some of the factors affecting pricing.

Presented below is a breakdown of internet packages and monthly rates;

1. Selin Solutions Internet in Donholm

The ISP provides public hotspots, home, and business internet solutions at reasonable rates.

Hotspot packages at speeds of 1 Mbps are as follows;

DailyKsh. 40
WeeklyKsh. 250
MonthlyKsh. 1,000

Home packages are as follows;

Micro3Ksh. 1,500
Basic6Ksh. 2,500
Premium10Ksh. 5,000
Gold15Ksh. 7,500

Business plans are tabulated below;

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Basic5Ksh. 3,000
Premium10Ksh. 5,000
Gold15Ksh. 7,500
Platinum23Ksh. 10,000

The good thing is that Selin internet is dedicated as opposed to shared.

Call customer care at 0700700117, 0722393830, or 0722509202 for help.

2. Zuku Fiber internet

High bandwidth qualifies Zuku as one of the best internet providers at Donholm.

Even better, the surfing speeds are dependable and prices affordable.

10 MbpsKsh. 2,999
20 MbpsKsh. 3,999
60 MbpsKsh. 4,999

Frankly speaking, no other ISP is as affordable as Zuku.

Call Zuku phone number 0205205205 for help.

3. Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom home is a national internet service provider with exceeding connectivity in both urban and rural areas.

Affordability and convenience are some of the reasons why Kenyans prefer the network to its competitors.

Here is the price chart;

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8 MbpsKsh. 2,999500GB
20 MbpsKsh. 4,1001000GB
40 MbpsKsh. 6,2991000GB
100 MbpsKsh. 12,4991000GB

The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for the 8 MBPS package is 1 MBPS while the rest is 3 MBPS.

Call 400 or dial *400# in your Safaricom line for additional info.

4. Airtel WiFi Packages

Airtel Kenya is ahead of the rest when it comes to cheap 4G bundles and top speed WiFi.

You can subscribe to the following plans in your pocket MiFi.

3 GBKsh. 2507 Days
6.5 GBKsh.50030 Days
18 GBKsh. 1,00030 Days
40 GBKsh.2,00030 Days
70 GBKsh. 3,00030 Days

To start with, buy Airtel SIM Card enabled MiFi router to start enjoying WiFi internet.

Contact Airtel customer care at 0733100100 for more guidelines.

5. Elink Networks internet in Donholm

Elink networks issues a high upload and download speed internet with enhanced customer care.

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7 MbpsKsh. 2,500
11 MbpsKsh. 4,000
15 MbpsKsh. 6,500

Call Elink networks telephone 0715 452101 for a connection.

6. Skynet Broadband

Fibre connections Skynet is not only cost-friendly but also accessible in most parts of the capital.

Skynet internet packages in Kenya provide up to 60MBPS with pricing of as low as Ksh. 6,800.

Call 0716 634621 or visit Lonrho House along Standard Street for additional info on plans and prices.

7. SurfNet Solutions Kenya Network

The ISP brags at least 20k subscribers in Nairobi, Kajiado, and Machakos combined.

These are the home fibre plans for free installation.

10 MbpsKsh. 2,400
20 MbpsKsh. 3,500
40 MbpsKsh. 5,000

Home wireless plans are;

5 MbpsKsh. 2,400
8 MbpsKsh. 3,000
12 MbpsKsh. 3,500
20 MbpsKsh. 5,000

Listed below are business fibre plans;

6 MbpsKsh. 5,000
12 MbpsKsh. 8,000
15 MbpsKsh. 10,000
25 MbpsKsh. 15,000
45 MbpsKsh. 25,000

Use these SurfNet Solutions contacts for connectivity and further inquiries;

Phone 10755545333  
Phone 20777726888  

The network is continually attracting even more subscribers.

8. Hai Wifi internet Provider in Donholm

Liquid Telecom Home Internet Packages branded Hai include the following;

10 MbpsKsh. 3,499
25 MbpsKsh. 4,999
100 MbpsKsh. 13,499
25 MbpsKsh. 15,000
45 MbpsKsh. 25,000

Hai internet extends beyond Donholm with an exceeding presence in central Kenya.

Full list of WIFI internet providers in Donholm with their contacts

  • Cheetahnet solutions – 0737798604
  • Faiba – 0747585100
  • Liquid home – 0709500500
  • Poa internet – 0730762762
  • Telcom Internet – 0202221000

Reach out to your most preferred ISP to initiate a connection.

Various WiFi providers in Donholm come in handy for content creators and freelancers among them academic writers. They are equally convenient for digital homes and workplaces.

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