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10 Best Internet Providers in Juja: Zuku, Faiba, Safaricom Home Fibre & Onspot-Stream WiFi Prices

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Juja is one of the fastest developing towns in Kenya with an ever-increasing demand for internet connection. The presence of smart homeowners, businesses and JKUAT students provides a ready market for ISPs. Enlisted are some of the best internet providers in Juja town.

Most Thika Road WiFi dealers have towering internet access points and boosters in Juja. These come at customized WiFi packages and monthly rates.

Best Internet providers in Juja town

Juja residents have a reasonable number of dependable ISPs from where they can make informed choices.

Signal stability and quality of customer care services are outstanding factors to consider.

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1. Zuku Internet in Juja

Researchers, online gamers, and businesses often pick Zuku internet because of its long-running legacy in the digital space.

There are a couple of plans for you.

Internet only packages

10 MBPSKsh. 2,799
20 MBPSKsh. 4,199
60 MBPSKsh. 5,99

Triple internet packages

10 MBPSKsh. 2,899
20 MBPSKsh. 4,399
60 MBPSKsh. 6,299

Zuku contacts

Phone number0205205205

Call the Zuku customer care desk for further help.

2. Safaricom Home Fibre Juja

Home Fibre is a trustworthy connection from Safaricom PLC. Its 4-G speeds range between 8 and 100 MBPS.

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The free installation makes home fibre a pocket-friendlier option.

Bronze8 MBPSKsh. 2,999
Silver20 MBPSKsh. 4,100
Gold40 MBPSKsh. 6,299
Diamond100 MBPSKsh. 12,499

Contact Safaricom customer care number ‘400’ or dial the USSD *400# for coverage inquiries.

3. JTL Faiba in Juja

Faiba offers unlimited internet for home entertainment and office with speeds of up to 125 MBPS.

Jamii Telecommunication Limited’s internet plans are as follows.

30 MBPSKsh. 5,250
50 MBPSKsh. 10,500
75 MBPSKsh. 15,750
125 MBPSKsh. 21,000

Faiba contacts

Phone number0747585100

the widely advertised JTL never disappoint.

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4. Onspot Solutions Limited

Onspot with hotspots in nearby estates such as Kahawa Sukari, Wendani, and Thika is highly affordable.

Therefore, Onspot is an ideal choice for a majority of online workers.

1 MBPSKsh. 1,000
2 MBPSKsh. 1,500
3 MBPSKsh. 2,000
5 MBPSKsh. 3,500

Contact the Onspot support team at 0727386664 to place a new installation request.

5. Stream WiFi

The five-star rating Stream WiFi guarantees customer satisfaction within Juja and its neighbourhood.

Summarized are wishful plans.

Stream home Packages

3 MBPSKsh. 2,000
4 MBPSKsh. 2,500
5 MBPSKsh. 3,000
8 MBPSKsh. 4,000
10 MBPSKsh. 5,000
20 MBPSKsh. 7,000

 Stream business packages

3 MBPSKsh. 3,000
6 MBPSKsh. 4,000
15 MBPSKsh. 7,000
20 MBPSKsh. 7,000

Apart from surfing, Stream is a partner in cloud storage, POS, and related services.

P.O Box3878
Postal Address00100

Visit Stream offices for more.

Full list of best internet providers in Juja

  • Onsite Internet – 0706700070
  • E- Networks – 0712202379
  • Fortune Network Solutions – 0726868662
  • Novia Fiber – 0780026248
  • Prestige Online Cyber – 0745839616

Scale up your online experience today.

The list of best internet providers in Juja is resourceful for all, especially those struggling to choose between competitor WiFi dealers. Nothing beats fast internet!

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