WiFi Internet Providers in Kayole

List of 10 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Kayole: Packages, Prices, Installation & Contacts

The list of internet providers in Kayole estate is packed with enough options for those seeking unlimited browsing and streaming experience. Coming up is a list of the most pteferred ISPs.

Excellent WiFi accessibility and affordability are some of the reasons why a majority of locals are quitting data bundles.

10 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Kayole

Provided below are wireless and fiber installers for both home and business users.

Which are the best home WiFi providers?

1. Wavelink Networks

Wavelink offers extensive wireless internet solutions.

Here are the packages and monthly prices.

  • 4 Mbps at Ksh. 1,500
  • 7 Mbps at Ksh. 2,000
  • 12 Mbps at Ksh. 3,500
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Call 0748111304 for customer care support.

enlisted below are even more ISPs in the estate and its outskirts.

  • Poa Internet – 0730762762
  • Zurri Network Ltd – 0705 057108
  • Mtaani Net solutions 

Talk to your preferred ISP for installation requirements and renewal fees.

It is evident that there are enough wirrless and fiber providers for both home and business users in Kayole.

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