Best Wifi Internet Providers in Machakos

10 Best Wifi Internet Providers in Machakos: Sterke Networks, Big Data Link and Lemand Networks

The list of WiFi internet providers in Machakos town is becoming longer with customer friendlier packages and prices.

Consider the following ISPs for unlimited home and business internet.

Best WiFi internet providers in Machakos town

Installation fees and monthly subscriptions vary greatly across various internet service providers.

Below is a summary of competitive plans and their pricing.

Sterke Networks packages and coverage

The fast-growing Sterke Networks located in Kamba Building Room 308 is a subsidiary of Vint Ex Technologies.

The ISP is accessible in Machakos town and nearby estates.

3 MBPSKsh. 1,500
5 MBPSKsh. 2,500
10 MBPSKsh. 6,500

Sterke Networks installation cost is Ksh. 6,500 for new clients within coverage areas. Sterke Networks contacts are;

  • Phone number: 0701995445.
  • Email address:

Besides internet connections, Vint Ex Technologies is a specialist in website design and other online solutions.

Is there Zuku internet in Machakos? No, Zuku is not yet available in Machakos town.

Where is JTL Faiba in Machakos? Fonexpress Machakos offering JTL Faiba services is available inside Naivas Supermarket.

Additional ISPs in town are;

  • JTL Faiba: 0208405377.
  • Big Data Link: 0113412720.
  • Lemand Networks: 0792178960.

Contact your preferred company for a greater online presence.

Smart homeowners, freelancers, social media marketers, Youtubers, and corporates represent a majority of those craving high-speed Wifi Internet Providers in Machakos County.

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