Best WiFi Internet Providers in Mlolongo

10 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Mlolongo [Packages] Fastnet, Surfnet, Sigmanet & Syokinet

Searching for WiFi Internet providers in Mlolongo leads to several ISPs but how do you know the best? We have enlisted and detailed various monthly packages to ease your decision-making.

Customer reviews say enough about the reliability of different internet service providers in Mlolongo. Even so, it is important to consider the depth of your pocket while deciding between top WiFi choices.

WiFi Internet providers in Mlolongo estate

How do I know which Wi-Fi is best in my area? Good ISPs often attract 5-star reviews from loyal customers. They may not necessarily be cheap but are certainly dependable in a wide coverage area.

Sampled below are some of the best WiFi solution companies in Mlolongo.

1. Fastnet Air Fiber Internet

Founded in 2018, Fastnet Air Fiber coverage extends throughout Mlolongo and nearby estates.

These include Kitengela, Athi-River, Isinya, Sunshine, Kyumvi, Kimalat, Kamulu, Kisaju, Syokimau, Utawala, Katani, Joska, Lukenya Kalingile, and Embakasi.

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Fastnet Home internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
8 MBPSKsh. 2,599
15 MBPSKsh. 4,299
25 MBPSKsh. 5,899
50 MBPSKsh. 11,499

Fastnet Business internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
5 MBPSKsh. 3,299
10 MBPSKsh. 5,399
20 MBPSKsh. 10,459

Fastnet Air Fiber contacts

Phone number+254711466396

Fastnet customer care offices are located along Katani Road, Kenya.

2. SurfNet Solutions internet

Residents of Kajiado, Machakos and Nairobi regions can now access fast internet courtesy of SurfNet Solutions.

The ISP with about 20k subscribers offers 3 plans and multiple internet packages.

SurfNet Home Fiber

Internet SpeedsPrices
10 MBPSKsh. 2,400
20 MBPSKsh. 3,500
40 MBPSKsh. 5,000

SurfNet Home wireless

Internet speedsPrices
5 MBPSKsh. 2,400
8 MBPSKsh. 3,000
12 MBPSKsh. 3,500
20 MBPSKsh. 5,000

SurfNet business fiber

Internet speedsPrices
6 MBPSKsh. 5,000
12 MBPSKsh. 8,000
15 MBPSKsh. 10,000
25 MBPSKsh. 15,000
45 MBPSKsh. 25,000

SurfNet customer care contacts

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Phone number0705930930

Call now to initiate a connection.

3. Next Thing Networks internet

The world-class Next Thing internet service provider covers Mlolongo town and its neighbourhoods.

Users can opt between fiber home and wireless home packages tabulated below.

Fiber home packages

Internet speedsPrices
8 MBPSKsh. 2,700
17 MBPSKsh. 3,700
20 MBPSKsh. 4,000
30 MBPSKsh. 5,200

Fiber home packages

Internet speedsPrices
6 MBPSKsh. 3,500
8 MBPSKsh. 5,000
10 MBPSKsh. 6,500
15 MBPSKsh. 10,000

Next Thing internet contacts

Phone number0207903950

Visit Next Thing Networks offices along Mombasa Road.

4. Sigmanet Wireless internet

Starting in 2019, Sigmanet is excellent at public hotspots, home, and business connectivity.

Coverage extends to Athi-river, Kitengela, Kisaju, Mlolongo, Sabaki, Syokimau, Katani, Utawala, Lukenya and Embakasi. 

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Sigmanet home internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
3 MBPSKsh. 1,500
5 MBPSKsh. 2,500
8 MBPSKsh. 3,800
10 MBPSKsh. 4,500

Sigmanet business internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
5 MBPSKsh. 3,500
8 MBPSKsh. 5,500
10 MBPSKsh. 7,000
20 MBPSKsh. 14,000
40 MBPSKsh. 28,000
100 MBPSKsh. 70,000

Sigmanet Internet contacts

Phone number+254728211525

The company offices are accessible in Mlolongo & Airways, Utawala, Nairobi.

5. Syokinet Solutions

Founded in 2014, Syokinet Solutions is a trusted internet company in major estates within Nairobi.

Syokinet Fiber home internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
8 MBPSKsh. 2,620
15 MBPSKsh. 3,930
25 MBPSKsh. 5,240
40 MBPSKsh. 7,860

Syokinet wireless home internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
3 MBPSKsh. 2,620
6 MBPSKsh. 3,930
10 MBPSKsh. 5,240
16 MBPSKsh. 7,860

Syokinet business internet packages

Internet speedsPrices
5 MBPSKsh. –
10 MBPSKsh. –
20 MBPSKsh. –
30 MBPSKsh. –

Syokinet Solutions contacts

Phone number+254111018400

Visit the Syokinet customer care centre at Katani Road, Syokimau, Kenya for a free quote and installation charges.

6. Safaricom Home Fibre

Check Safaricom internet coverage at your residence in Mlolongo.

To do that, dial *400# to confirm if your home or business is Safaricom Internet-ready.

Internet speedsPrices
8 MBPSKsh. 2,999
20 MBPSKsh. 4,100
40 MBPSKsh. 6,299
100 MBPSKsh. 12,499

Safaricom internet customer care

Phone number400

7. Zuku internet

Zuku offers a couple of user custom plans.

These include internet-only and triple-play packages.

Zuku internet only packages

Internet speedsPrices
10 MBPSKsh. 2,499
20 MBPSKsh. 3,999
40 MBPSKsh. 6,299
60 MBPSKsh. 4,499

Zuku triple-play packages

Internet speedsPrices
10 MBPSKsh. 2,799
20 MBPSKsh. 4,199
60 MBPSKsh. 5,299
100 MBPSKsh. 6,799
200 MBPSKsh. 11,299
500 MBPSKsh. 22,499

Call Zuku customer care numbers 0205200025 / 0703010000 for installation inquiries.

8. Jamii Telecommunication

JTL is a trusted ISP with diverse internet plans.

Enlisted are some of the most competitive monthly packages.

Internet speedsPrices
30 MBPSKsh. 5,000
50 MBPSKsh. 10,000
75 MBPSKsh. 15,000
125 MBPSKsh. 20,000

Call JTL customer care on 0747585100 or 07208405100 for immediate connection.

How much is a Wi-Fi subscription?

The cost of WiFi installation and subscription varies greatly depending on the providers. Overall, the cost of installation ranges from free to Ksh. 15,000.

The list of best WiFi internet providers in Mlolongo is handy for first-time installers and those uncomfortable with their current ISPs. Make an informed choice for an uninterrupted online experience.

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