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Best WiFi Internet Providers in Nanyuki List: WaveX Internet, Faiba, Mawingu, Orange Nanyuki & Safaricom Fibre

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In today’s interconnected world, reliable internet connection has become an essential aspect of our daily lives. From staying connected with loved ones to accessing an endless trove of information, WiFi internet providers in Nanyuki have managed to empower residents to harness the limitless potential of the digital space. Discussed are some of the best ISPs you can consider.

Access to a fast and affordable internet connection is vital in boosting your productivity, accessing information and endless entertainment.

Best WiFi internet providers in Nanyuki

The long list of ISPs in Nanyuki includes WaveX Internet, Cloud Core, Fric Technologies, JTL Faiba, Mawingu Networks and Safaricom Home Fibre.

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Geographically, most of the internet providers also serve nearby areas like Nyahururu, Meru and Laikipia town.

1. WaveX ISP Nanyuki

With the right WaveX package, you can stream high-definition videos and have lots of devices connected at the same time

Here are the available WaveX home and business fibre packages.

  Home fibre

12 MbpsKsh 2,900
22 MbpsKsh 3,900
44 MbpsKsh 5,600
100 MbpsKsh 11,999

Business Fibre

2 MbpsKsh 2,320
3 MbpsKsh 3,480
4 MbpsKsh 4,640

WaveX contacts


You can also locate WaveX at Sirimon Building, Ground Floor, Nanyuki.

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2. Mawingu internet

Mawingu is one of the fastest-growing internet providers in Kenya, with its coverage sweeping close to 16 countrywide. Reports have it that plans are underway to expand its operations to 25 more counties in Kenya.

Here are Mawingu’s internet packages

PackageInternet speedPrice
Mawingu lite10 MbpsKsh. 2,500
Mawingu select15 MbpsKsh. 3,500
Mawingu premium20 MbpsKsh. 4,500

Mawingu contacts

Phone number0111194000
Address3168, Nanyuki

3. Safaricom home fibre Nanyuki

If you are looking for an ISP with extensive network coverage and an efficient internet connection, consider Safaricom home fibre.

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With Safaricom home fibre, customers can enjoy fast and uninterrupted access.  Their free installation is an added advantage.

   Fibre packages

Bronze10 MbpsKsh. 2,999
Silver20 MbpsKsh. 4,100
Gold40 MbpsKsh.6,299
Diamond100 MbpsKsh. 12,499

Contact Safaricom customer care at 400 or dial *400# to initiate a new connection.

4. JTL Faiba

Jamii Telecommunications Ltd is a prominent player in the industry offering broadband under the “FAIBA” brand.

Faiba’s unbeatable speeds of 125Mbps make them most preferred by heavy internet users in Kenya.

30 MBPSKsh. 5,250
50 MBPSKsh. 10,500
75 MBPSKsh. 15,750
125 MBPSKsh. 21,000

JTL Faiba contacts

Phone number0747585100

Full list of the best ISPs in Nanyuki

  1. Maandy Networks – 0728110279
  2. Orange Nanyuki- 0770904204
  3. Cloud core internet – 0791421541
  4. Fric Technologies Ltd- 0702535654

With the new advanced network infrastructure and commitment to delivering quality service, access to the internet has become easier.

Go ahead and connect with your preferred WiFi internet provider in Nanyuki to boost your productivity and entertainment.

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