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20 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Uganda [List] Roke Telkom, Zuku, Liquid Home, & MTN Fiber

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The list of best WiFi Internet Providers in Uganda is getting longer amid rapid modernization. Behind the ongoing digital revolution is a steadily increasing number of mobile apps, streaming services, and social media users.

Wireless, satellite, and fibre internet providers in Uganda are outstanding with attractive packages. We have outlined the coverage and pricing to ease your choice and installation process.

20 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Uganda

When choosing an ISP in Uganda, it is important to consider affordability and reliability.

So, how much is unlimited WiFi in Uganda? Zuku, Roke Telkom, Airtel, and Liquid Telcom are by far the best internet providers in the country.

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1. Roke Telkom Uganda

The company has multiple products for its population. A case in point is Roke on the go.

Rokespot is our innovative Wi-Fi service that greatly amplifies the quality, accessibility and affordability of the Internet.

For the record, there are at least 600 Rokespots countrywide, especially in malls, hostels, restaurants and public places.

Rokespot vouchers/packages

Ugx. 1,200Daily
Ugx. 6,400weekly
Ugx. 2,4000Monthly

Rokespot bundled packages

Classic60 GBUgx. 112,000
Unlimited150 GBUgx. 280,000
Mega Plus450 GBUgx. 728,000
EnterpriseCustomizedPrice on request

Roke Fibre home internet packages

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Monthly plansSpeedPrices
Standard5 MBPSUgx. 130,000
Extra10 MBPSUgx. 170,000
Turbo20 MBPSUgx. 235,000
Elite40 MBPSUgx. 329,000
Ultra100 MBPSUgx. 508,000

Roke Telkom installation cost

Wireless ClientsUgx. 500,000
Fiber ClientsPrices not fixed
FTTH clientsUgx. 100,000

Notice that the installation cost for Rokespots is issued to clients on request.

Roke Telkom contacts


Roke Telkom head offices are located at Guardian Georgia Building, Plot 67 Spring Road, Bugolobi, Kampala (Opposite Absa Bank).

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2. Zuku Fibre Uganda

Zuku triple play includes internet, TV, and telephone packages at affordable rates.

Zuku is no doubt the cheapest unlimited internet in uganda. Here are the rates;

Monthly plansSpeedPrices
Extra10 MBPSUgx. 149,000
Turbo20 MBPSUgx. 199,000
Elite40 MBPSUgx. 319,000
Ultra100 MBPSUgx. 539,000

Zuku Uganda contacts

Telephone+256 200724848
Mobile+256 206302222

Visit Zuku offices at Plot 37A Binayomba Road, Bugolobi in Kampala, Uganda.

3. Liquid Home Internet packages

Liquid Home internet packages range between speeds of 20 MBPS and 100 MBPS.

Monthly pricing is as follows.

Silver20MbpUgx. 189,500
Gold40MbpsUgx. 301,500
Platinum100MbpsUgx. 525,500

Installation cost is Ugx. 120,000.

Liquid home contacts

Telephone0414 562800
Phone0800 262 800
WhatsApp+256 707 262 800

Visit Telkom Home at BMK House 5th Floor Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road in Kampala Uganda for further inquiries.

4. MTN Home Fibre internet packages

MTN Fiber unlimited option has a couple of packages.

Speed Prices
20MBPSUgx. 169,000
40MBPSUgx. 269,000 

MTN Home contacts

Telephone0771 001 000
WhatsApp+256 772 123 100
P.O Box24624

Visit Plot 69-71 Jinja Road in Kampala, Uganda for support.

The list of best WiFi internet providers in Uganda is here for your guide on available packages, installation, and support services. Connect today!

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