Best Internet Providers in Westlands

10 Best Internet Providers in Westlands: Full List of Fast WiFi Packages for Home & Business

Living online is no longer a dream but a reality for most freelancers, businesses, entertainment joints, and governments across the world. We look into the list of cheapest internet providers in Westlands with a closer focus on home and business packages.

The Internet has made work easier for corporate and government agencies to run without extra office space. As a result, working from home is more rampant than ever before. On the receiving end are residents of the upper-class Westlands Estate in Nairobi City.

Best internet Providers in Westlands, Nairobi

In the long list of Westlands ISPs are giant internet providers such as Zuku, JTL Faiba, and Safaricom Home Fibre. On top of that are several medium-scale operators.

Summarized are installation charges, monthly packages and subscription rates.

1. JTL Faiba Internet in Westlands

Jamii Telecommunications Limited is the most preferred 4-G internet in Westlands, Kenya.

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JTL offers you unlimited internet connection at customized rates.

Faiba packages are as follows;

Faiba Monthly Home plans

30 MBPSKsh. 5,250
50 MBPSKsh. 10,500
75 MBPSKsh. 15,750
125 MBPSKsh. 21,000

Alternatively, you can choose the MiFi option with pocket-friendly bundle rates.

Faiba portable WiFi packages

1 GBKsh. 50Daily
8 GBKsh. 300Weekly
15 GBKsh. 500Weekly
25 GBKsh. 1,000Monthly
40 GBKsh. 2,000Monthly
70 GBKsh. 3,000Monthly
120 GBKsh. 4,000Monthly
210 GBKsh. 6,000Monthly

All you need is a 4G-enabled Faiba SIM Card and a compatible MiFi costing about Ksh. 5,000 to start browsing.

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JTL Faiba contacts

Phone number 0706521523

You can also visit Jamii Telecommunication offices at The Mall Westlands. Fortress International Galleria, Valley Arcade.

2. Zuku internet in Westlands

Freelancers and high-end businesses love Zuku because of its dependable speed.

Here are the triple-play home plans for your consideration.

5 MBPSKSh. 2,799
10 MBPSKSh. 4,199
30 MBPSKSh. 5,299
50 MBPSKSh. 6,799

The business packages are tabulated;

20 MBPSKsh. 8,699
50 MBPSKsh. 12,499
100 MBPSKsh. 16,999

3. Safaricom Home Fibre Westlands

Safaricom Fibre is the most accessible high-speed internet provider in urban and remote parts of Westlands.

The ISP is highly affordable with no installation fee.

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Bronze8 MBPSKsh. 2,999
Silver20 MBPSKsh. 4,100
Gold40 MBPSKsh. 6,299
Diamond100 MBPSKsh. 12,499

Dial *400# to initiate your first-time connection.

4. Telkom WiFi internet in Westlands

Telkom Kenya is a preferred ISP in major towns across the country. Its giga-speed connections are also available in major estates within Nairobi City.

Enlisted are Telkom home plans on offer;

5 GBKsh. 25024 hours
12 GBKsh. 1,000Monthly
30 GBKsh. 2,000Monthly
50 GBKsh. 3,000Monthly
UnlimitedKsh. 4,000Monthly
UnlimitedKsh. 5,500Monthly
100 GBKsh. 6,00090 days

Locate the ISP offices at Sarit Centre or call customer care at 0204952925.

5. Wavelink Networks Westlands

Wavelink Network is suitable for home and business use in Westland and neighbouring estates.

Longevity of service and high ratings suggest a high quality of services.

Wavelink internet packages

4 MBPSKsh. 1,500
7 MBPSKsh. 2,000
12 MBPSKsh. 3,500
15 MBPSKsh. 5,000

 Wavelink packages are truly outstanding in their affordability.

Wavelink internet contacts

LocationCity View, Jogoo Road, NRB

Call Wavelink for installations and related issues.

Full list of WiFi internet providers in Westlands

  1. MyISP Ltd – 0730911000
  2. Tangarine Ltd – 0203341760
  3. Unwired Comm Ltd – 0741513212
  4. Sharp Tech Wireless – 0728463836
  5. Broadband Comm networks – 0748111304
  6. Internet Solutions Kenya Ltd – 0203600000

Call your favourite ISP for instant connectivity.

Choosing between the best internet providers in Westlands is now easier with our breakdown of packages and subscription rates. Key factors to consider include coverage, installation fees, and monthly rates.

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