Internet Service Providers in Nyahururu

10 Best WiFi Internet Service Providers in Nyahururu: Kozi Connect & Jumbo Networks Packages

The list of WiFi internet service providers in Nyahururu town is ballooning speedily with competitive ISPs. As a result, netizens can now access pocket-friendly subscriptions at a fair installation fee.

The commercial hub, Nyahururu town, is renowned for among other things business and progressive ICT solutions. Connecting them all are fast WiFi providers for research, streaming, entertainment, and CCTV integration.

10 Best WiFi internet service providers in Nyahururu

Nyahururu-bred ISPs dominate the list of top internet providers in the region. Alongside them are nationwide brands such as Safaricom PLC.

There are enough plans for both residents and SMEs seeking to scale up their online presence.

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1. Kozi Connect Limited Nyahururu

Get high-quality, flexible internet services tailored to meet your business and personal needs with Kozi Connect.

There are home plans, dedicated plans, and SME packages for all.

Home packages

Mini6 MbpsKsh. 1,999
Pico8 MbpsKsh. 2,299
Nano11 MbpsKsh. 3,499
Mega14 MbpsKsh. 4,499
Giga19 MbpsKsh. 5,499
Tera25 MbpsKsh. 6,499

Dedicated packages

Pico2 MbpsKsh. 2,999
Nano3 MbpsKsh. 4,999
Gamma5 MbpsKsh. 9,999
Beta6 MbpsKsh. 14,999
Alpha10 MbpsKsh. 19,999

SME packages

Basic8 MbpsKsh. 2,499
Advanced10 MbpsKsh. 3,499
Premium15 MbpsKsh. 4,999

Kozi Connect contacts

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Download Kozi App for more products and services.

Additional internet providers are as follows;

  • Jumbo Networks – 0758 061149

Call now for a connection.

The best WiFi internet service providers in Nyahururu town include Kozi Connect and Jumbo Networks. Connect for greater possibilities.

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