William Ruto Brothers and Sisters

William Ruto Brothers and Sisters [Photos] Siblings, Father Daniel Cheruiyot, & Mother Sarah

Photos of William Ruto brothers and sisters are finally on the headlines following a historical presidential win against ODM leader Raila Odinga. Kenyans are curious to know more about the chief hustler destined to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Dr Ruto’s family comprises little-known members in the larger loyal family. Millions of Kenyans are particularly eager on close relatives including siblings and parents.

William Ruto brothers and sisters photos

His excellence William Ruto has occasionally been seen alongside his mother Mama Sarah Cheruiyot but rarely in the company of his biological siblings.

Unfortunately, Ruto’s industrious father Mzee Daniel Cheruiyot passed away several years ago, leaving 6 children under the care of his spouse Sarah.

Enlisted below are his 4 brothers and 1 sister who have long been hiding behind the cameras.

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1. Paul Maritim Cheruiyot

The simple living Paul Maritim Cheruiyot is an elder brother to his excellence, Dr William Ruto.

Maritim lives a simple life back in Ruto’s Sugoi ancestral village. Unconfirmed sources say that he is a middle-income earner who is unbothered by Ruto’s money and fortunes in national politics.

2. Samuel Ruto Cheruiyot

Mr Samuel Ruto is a familiar spokesman of the larger Cheruiyot family in which he is the third born.

Apart from speaking on behalf of Ruto’s family, he is a successful businessman with huge stakes in multi-million investments.

3. William sister Susan Samoei Ruto

Mrs Susan is the only daughter in President William Ruto’s family.

Like his brothers, Susan Samoei Ruto is a renowned business lady who prefers less publicity.

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4. Harrison Kiptoo Ruto

Ruto’s sibling the late Harrison Kiptoo Ruto passed on in 2016.

His burial was highly decorated with powerful leaders from across the region.

5. William Ruto brother David Samoei Ruto

Cheruiyot’s last-born son David is a resident of the United States of America.

He is a respected businessman with a Masters’ Degree from Capella University, USA. He is lately working for a telecommunication company based in Irvine, California.

David is on record for confessing to excessive childhood poverty.

“We were poor. We (siblings) walked to school which was four kilometres away every day barefoot.”

Ruto’s brother David Cheruiyot.

Fresh wedding photos of David Samoei Ruto and his fiancée Carol Kitur are still in the air. The two travelled to Kenya for a traditional Kalenjin wedding “Koito.” David is a lover of nature and his partner Carol, music.

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Summary of William Ruto brothers and sisters

How many siblings does William Ruto have? There are 6 siblings in the celebrated Cheruiyot family.

1.Paul Maritim
2.Samuel Ruto
3.Susan Samoei
4.Harrison Kiptoo
5.David Samoei Ruto

Tabulated above are 5 of the 6 children in the family of Daniel and Sarah Cheruiyot.

William Ruto brothers and sisters make an admirable family with a recent history of poverty; but not anymore. His becoming the 5th President of Kenya cements former struggles with power and prosperity.

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