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Photo: Wimasol Internet Installation in Kisii Town Real Estates . SRC: @Wimasol

Wimasol Internet Installation in Kisii Town Apartments Set to Reshape the Real Estate Business

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Kisii town is a vibrant economic centre in matters of business and technology. Behind the progress is the Internet of Things powered by Wimasol Technologies. The ICT company is a key player in networking, WiFi, and CCTV ventures. Wimasol Internet installation is particularly handy for smart-home-minded property owners.

Internet is a new basic need in our age where a majority of people are working online. A rising need for real-time entertainment and uninterrupted social media experience is also a game-changer. As a result, commercial property owners with readily installed internet stand to benefit from a pool of digital tenants.

Wimasol Internet installation in Kisii Town apartments

Wimasol WiFi Internet Packages & Contacts
Photo: Wimasol WiFi Internet Packages & Contacts . SRC: @Wimasol

Headquartered at Mwembe, Wimasol Technologies’ wireless network is accessible in major estates such as Jogoo, Menyinkwa, Milimani, Getare, Nyaura, Egesa, Mailimbili, and Nyankongo.

Wimasol networking team is keen to expand the coverage to even more estates. The latest on offer are large-scale internet connections for both residential and business properties.

How does it work?

Upon agreement with the building owner, Wimasol technicians will set up an internet server within the premise.

In addition, the ICT company will run Local Area Network cables and install wall socket Ethernet ports in each room.

By so doing, future tenants will only need to subscribe and use the internet service for as long as they are residents.

Above all, property owners will benefit from high tenant retention as is the case in first-world countries around the world.

Wimasol internet installation requirements

Wimasol Technologies provides all the required infrastructure and maintenance services for a reliably fast indoor internet connection.

On the other hand, property owners stand to benefit from high demand for occupancy without incurring any cost.

Wimasol Technologies contacts

Phone number0114297966
AddressMwembe, Kisii Town

Innovation and customer delight are at the core.

Wimasol Internet installation in Kisii town apartments and business complex centres is a win-win deal. Call Wimasol customer care number today or email to get your premises connected.

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