Hellen Obiri Exposes Kisii County

World Champion Hellen Obiri Exposes Kisii County for ignoring her 5000m record at Doha, Qatar

World Champion Hellen Obiri says she can earn a teacher’s 30-years-salary in one year! For this reason, she does not understand why the Kenyan government is reluctant when it comes to recognizing and supporting talents. More so, Olympian Hellen Onsando Obiri is unhappy with Kisii County.

Olympian Hellen Obiri insists that her tribesmen are lagging in terms of promoting high demand talents in sports. She has openly accused the Gusii community of remaining fixed on low paying white-collar jobs at the expense of well-paying talent-driven careers. It turns out that Kisii County has been sending her empty congratulation messages on social media without strategic support.

World Champion Hellen Obiri interview and latest news

Speaking to Channel 7 News TV EA, Hellen Obiri revealed that she has never received support from the local Kisii County, not even a phone call.

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Obiri is particularly bitter about lacking an enabling environment to attract more talented Kenyan youths into sports.

Even so, Obiri reasons that roads and racetracks are new offices with the potential of lowering high levels of unemployment in the country.

Kisii County ignoring 5000m winner Hellen Obiri

In her words, the Kisii County government is careless with sports, mainly athletics and football.

She adds that responsible officials are good at PR but absent in addressing challenges facing local athletes.

Hellen Obiri decries insufficient training camps and poorly maintained tracks compared to the neighbouring Rift Valley where athletes are respected.

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Even worse, the county downplayed her name in the list of heroes and heroines during the Gusii Stadium held 2020 Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Luckily, PACE Athletics Management and self-discipline keep her going and motivated ahead of local and international competitions.

Obiri is especially worried because not all upcoming athletes received the good Samaritan support she has enjoyed so far.

Looking forward to Hellen Obiri Foundation

Obiri dreams to initiate a foundation to attract and sharpen upcoming stars. Also, she is positive about investing her imported millions within Gusii land.

Obiri Hellen who is fully aware that the prophet is despised at home is instead focusing on upcoming talents.

World Champion Hellen Obiri doubles up as a part-time netball and basketball player. The Ministry of Sports in Kisii County may fail but not PACE Athletics Management and her worldwide fan base.

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