Worldcoin Owner Alex Bania

Worldcoin Owner Alex Bania Tackles the Kenyan Government for Suspending Retina Scans at KICC

Worldcoin owner Alex Bania has finally commented on the suspension of biometric data collection in Kenya. He defended the exercise saying the move was unexpected.

He added that the World ID is a safe digital identification method because proof of a real person is kept anonymous on the cryptocurrency platform.

Worldcoin owner Alex Bania

The Worldcoin technology involves interested users scanning their irises in exchange for tokens worth over Ksh. 7,000.

Worldcoin co-founder Alex Bania stated;

“Tools for Humanity (TFH) has paused World ID verifications in Kenya as we continue to work with local regulators to address their questions. We apologise to everyone in Kenya for the delay.”

Worldcoin owner Alex Bania.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki on Wednesday, August 2, stalled Worldcoin operations in the country.

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He cited opaqueness and ordered an immediate investigation into the matter.

“Relevant security, financial services and data protection agencies have commenced inquiries and investigations to establish the authenticity and legality of the aforesaid activities, the safety and protection of the data being harvested, and how the harvesters intend to use the data.”

CS Kindiki.

The foreign tech firm says scanning retinas is a way of proving humanity and hence guaranteeing safety for its members.

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Further sources say the platform is working towards building an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered crypto.

Even so, the Kenyan government is adamant about how the data collected will be used beyond alleged trading.

“World ID is built for privacy. We look forward to resuming operations while continuing global rollout.”

Worldcoin owner Alex Bania.

Critics are still wondering how the tech firm entered the country and gained permits for such a questionable mission.

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Worldcoin owner Alex Bania and co-founder Sam Altman are still optimistic that the process will continue as soon as clarity is delivered to the disputing stakeholders.

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