Zoom Fibre Internet Packages

Zoom Fibre Internet Packages and Prices: Installation Fee, Coverage, List of Plans, & Contacts

The highly competitive Zoom Fibre internet packages and prices are suitable for installation in homes and businesses. It is time for Mombasa residents to speed up their broadband with pocket-friendly plans.

Free installation with a 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee is the reason why the ISP is prospering in the region.

List of Zoom Fibre internet packages and prices

Zoom Fibre is a thriving internet service provider based in Kenya and registered by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

Below are the 3 main services with extensive coverage in Mombasa County.

1. Zoom home packages list

Basic5 MbpsKsh. 1,999
Standard10 MbpsKsh. 2,499
Pawa20 MbpsKsh. 3,999
Pawa Plus30 MbpsKsh. 5,999

2. Zoom business packages list

Pawa50 MbpsKsh. 9,999
Superior80 MbpsKsh. 15,000

3. Zoom reseller packages list

60 MbpsKsh. 7,999
100 MbpsKsh. 11,999
200 MbpsKsh. 20,999
300 MbpsKsh. 30,999
500 MbpsKsh. 59,999

There is a plan for both consumers and resellers at unbeatable rates.

Most importantly, all three categories of Zoom packages come at free installation cost.

Zoom Fibre contacts


Visit Zoom Broadbands Limited at Palli House, 4th Floor, along Nyerere Avenue in Mombasa City for further inquiries.

Zoom Fibre internet packages and prices are indeed among residents, business persons, and aspiring internet providers.

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