Zuku WiFi Installation Cost and Contact

Zuku WiFi Installation Cost and Contact Number: Zuku Customer Care, Whatsapp Number & Coverage

Zuku is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Kenya that is well-designed to meet your communication needs. The ISP offers internet and satellite TV packages in areas of coverage. Discussed are Zuku WiFi Installation cost and contact number.

The Zuku Fibre coverage is available within Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Nakuru. Confirm whether your home is within the network coverage then contact Zuku customer care to buy.

Zuku WiFi Installation cost and contact number

Is Zuku installation free? Yes. Zuku offers free installation to first-time customers only. However, the company will cater for the installation costs after the successful payment of your monthly subscription. You will also get a free Ethernet cable and a Zuku router.

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How do you contact Zuku customer care? You can contact Zuku customer care using Zuku landline 0205205205. Note that calls from Zuku landline are free.

Fibre Support Contact0205-205-205
Fibre Sales Contact0205-222-222
Zuku Whatsapp number0777320323
Zuku Airtel contact0732132200
Zuku Safaricom Contact0719028200

Contact Zuku customer support for more info and to initiate a new connection.

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Updated Zuku packages

 Zuku Internet has affordable packages for your home or business. The business packages have a speed ranging from 10 to 120 Mbps while the Zuku home package comes in two options, internet only and triple play.

Below is a look at the updated Zuku internet packages.

Internet only

10 MbpsKsh. 2,799
20 MbpsKsh. 4,199
60 MbpsKsh. 5,999

Triple play (Internet, TV & Telephone)

10 MbpsKsh. 2,899
20 MbpsKsh. 4,399
60 MbpsKsh. 6,299

Zuku office

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10 MbpsKsh. 4,499
20 MbpsKsh. 5,599
50 MbpsKsh. 9,099
80 MbpsKsh. 13,099
120 MbpsKsh. 17,799

Contact Zuku to enjoy seamless connection and more personalized services.

Zuku installation cost and contact number are vital for all seeking quality internet and entertainment option. Get connected today.

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