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Photo: Amerix Eric Amunga biography wives, children, and family . SRC: @amerix

Eric Amunga Amerix Biography [Photos] Wife, Family, Education, Net Worth, and Twitter Contacts

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Amerix with nearly two million followers on Twitter is lately trending for his firing conversations on men related gender and health issues. He is as a result an outstanding father figure for the abandoned boy child. The essence of Eric Amunga Amerix biography is evident in the headlines.

Who is Amerix Kenya? The Kenyan controversial Amerix from Twitter is a celebrated Bungoma based community health care provider and social media influencer on men’s reproductive health.

Amerix Eric Amunga profile summary

  • Real names: Eric Amunga Mukolwe
  • Tribe: Luhya
  • Wives: 4
  • Profession: Doctor
  • Roles: medical specialist & masculinity coach

Eric Amunga Amerix Biography facts

Eric Amunga Amerix Twitter account & career profile
Photo: Eric Amunga Amerix Twitter account & career profile . SRC: @amerix

What is Amerix? The hashtag #MasculinitySaturday on Twitter is the brainchild of the medical consultant Eric Amunga.

The handle is an initiative to empower men with crucial manhood tips. And now, followers want to know more about the rarely photographed Amerix.

How old is Amerix?

Born on July 5th at Bungoma Central, Eric Amunga Amerix age is about 40 years as of 2023.

Even so, exclusive details about his birthplace, born year, and childhood experiences are rare.

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Eric Amunga Amerix wife and family photos

Speaking to NTV’s Your World Morning show on May 15, 2020, Eric Amunga confirmed being in a marital relationship with four women.

Is Eric Amunga married? Yes, Amerix is husband to four wives and a father of two boys. The number of his children could have possibly increased by now.

The polygamous Eric Amunga family is nonetheless scarce in the limelight; leave alone their photos.

Eric Amunga Amerix education and career

A brief LinkedIn profile of Eric Amunga indicates that he was a Bachelor of Science Community Health student at the University of Nairobi between 2008 and 2011.

Upon graduation, Amerix embraced his medical profession with a speciality in reproductive and maternal health.

Wiki sources have confirmed that Eric Amunga is a maternal health consultant at the Kakamega County Referral Hospital in Western Kenya.

Amerix is also a certified Mandela Washington Fellow doubling up as a research consultant, creative writer, and director of private practice.

“I also do private consulting for men suffering from sexual health disorders and inadequacies like addiction to masturbation and pornography, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, alcoholism and haemorrhoids.”


Most importantly, 7 years of experience is driving Amerix towards ending reproductive and maternity-related mortality.

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Amerix Twitter #MasculinitySaturday, Men’s Health, & Weight Loss

Eric Amunga Mukolwe popularly called Amerix recently confirmed struggling with obesity and severe metabolic fatigue.

At one point, he weighed 117 Kg which made it almost impossible for him to carry our simple routines.

An attempt to change a car tire often caused him excessive pain. As part of his treatment, an orthopaedic surgeon urged him to lose weight.

“I never looked back. I lost 40 Kg in seven months. The experience was burdensome and torturous at the start; I almost gave up but I was resilient. I pressed on until I began seeing small changes. The results kept me pushing further until I reached my periodic targets.”


Thereafter, Amerix started the #MasculinitySaturday Twitter handle in January 2019.

The Bungoma based medical practitioner has since remained a champion of good health on his @amerix Twitter account with nearly 1 million loyal followers.

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As you would expect, Amerix is never afraid of picking fights on controversial topics relating to Men’s Health & Wellness.

Bungoma Central Ward aspirant MCA Amerix

Amerix declared interest in the Bungoma Central Ward seat ahead of the 2017 general election.

In response, the ODM Party welcomed him but he failed to turn up. He is, however, expected to recall politics any time soon.

Amerix net worth and salary

Talking about wealth, Amerix Eric Amunga Net worth is about Ksh. 5 million with a good salary of a pensionable doctor.

Furthermore, he leads a fancy lifestyle marked with cool cars, palatial mansions, and profitable businesses.

Eric Amunga Amerix contacts & address

Phone number+254733977636

Connect with Amerix for inquiries and further help.

Eric Amunga Amerix biography spells the life story of Kenya’s fastest rising social media influencer on matters of health and wellbeing. With all the fame, not even the critics can silence his awakening opinions.

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