Andrew Kibe Children Photos

Andrew Kibe Children Photos: Teenage Son, Pinky Daughter, Baby Mamas and Previous Marriages

Andrew Kibe children photos are still trending days after the controversial YouTuber released them on social media. It all came as a surprise considering that the majority of his followers take him for a senior bachelor. It turns out that Andrew Kibe is a father to a teenage son and a much younger daughter.

A selfie of the US-based Andrew Kibe and his two look-alike kids seated inside a posh car caught public attention within days of landing in his motherland country, Kenya. Then would follow an endless scrutiny into the whereabouts of their mother, Kibe’s baby mama for that matter.

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Andrew Kibe Children Photos – Kifee kids

Does Andrew Kibe have children? Yes, Kenyan media personality Andrew Kibe is a father of a hunk son aged about 16 years and a pinky girl of about 10 years.

He recently shared the two kids on Twitter and captioned them as follows;

“With the fruit of my loins.”

Andrew Kibe, @kibeandy

In a recent conversation with co-host Kamene Goro of Kiss 100, Andrew Kibe confessed to not seeing his son since he was 5 years old. Kibe would reunite with his son a decade later.

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On the other hand, the mother of Andrew Kibe’s daughter is not in the limelight.

Is Andrew Kibe married? Andrew Kibe is a proud father but not yet married in his late 40s, and neither is he planning to walk down the aisle any time soon.

Just like his radio colleague, Maina Kageni of Classic 105, the content creator loves women but hates relationship commitments.

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Andrew Kibe children photos not only shocked many fanatics but also changed their perception of his blunt conversations around dating, marriage, and romantic commitments.

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