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7 Profile Facts in Andrew Levi Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Junior Katana of Becky on Citizen TV

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Andrew Levi biography is impassioned with unequaled love from a wild wind of Becky Telenovela on Citizen Television. Behind Junior’s ‘gentleman’ appeal is an immense success story.

Junior Katana is among the most talented and learned Kenyan actors doing what they love with passion and pride. Here is a glimpse of his life story from childhood up!

7 Profile facts in Andrew Levi biography

Junior plays a critical role in Becky’s series as a cool kid who finds himself in the streets under tough circumstances.

Who is Junior on Citizen TV?

1. Junior’s real name is Andrew Levi

Who is junior in real life? The real name of Actor Junior is Andrew Levi.

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He is a Kenyan national despite being well-traveled.

2. He was born in Zambia

Born in Zambia, Andrew Levi Junior grew up in England. He would later explore London, Asia in the Middle East, China, and several other places before settling in his motherland country Kenya.

He is of Luo ethnicity tracing origins in Siaya & Homabay Counties

3. He speaks English as his first language

Junior spent a better part of his childhood in England, therefore adopting English as his first language.

He eventually learned a little bit of Luo and Swahili on returning to Kenya.

4. He studied in Kenya, China, and the United Kingdom

Andrew Levi received primary education at Brookhouse School. He then pursued studies in Chinese and martial arts, aspiring to become the next Bruce Lee.

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He later specialized in Medico-Legal Science and achieved the remarkable feat with a U.K. first-class degree.

On top of that, Junior proceeded to Cambridge and Oxford universities after his first-class degree in the United Kingdom.

5. He briefly worked as a lecturer

A few years ago, Junior worked as an assistant lecturer before a deep voice and accent carried him away into the entertainment industry.

As we speak, he is a newcomer actor in demand across the region.

6. Junior is not yet married

Sources close to Andrew Levi have confirmed that he is not yet married despite immense success.

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It is also unclear if Junior is dating or not, even as he juggles between acting and modeling.

7. Andrew Levis is a lover of nature and literature

Andrew finds peace of mind in various activities among them jogging, martial arts, reading, discussions, and connecting with nature.

He also delights himself in cinemas and the company of friends.

Various profile facts in Andrew Levi biography are sparkling with admiration among fanatics.

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