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7 Profile Facts in Andrew Matole Biography: Tribe, Education, Career, & Wedding Yvonne Okwara

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Who is the husband of Yvonne Okwara? Citizen TV journalist Yvonne Okwara is married to a medical professional who prefers to stay behind the limelight. Andrew Matole biography tells us more about their matrimonial union.

News anchor Yvonne Okwara recently displayed the prowess of her career in a heated Presidential Debate. She has since stood out as the best female debater in Kenya.

7 Profile Facts in Andrew Matole Biography

The life story of Andrew Matole shares intriguing facts about the love story of Yvonne Okwara.

Who is Andrew Matole?

1. Matole married Yvonne Okwara in 2014

Yvonne Okwara met and loved Matole while he was attending to his sickly pet.

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Matole who had separated from his first wife Alice Manyola Matole, walked down the aisle with Yvonne in a colorful wedding held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Nairobi.

2. He has 3 children with ex-wife

Doctor Matole and his first fiancé Alice divorced after having three kids; Linda, Faith, and Emmanuel.

He is yet to sire a kid with the renowned journalist.

 3. Matole owns Andy’s Veterinary Clinic

Dr Matole is the founder and owner of the Nairobi-based Andy’s Veterinary Clinic.

It is at his own office where the highly reserved Matole crosses paths with Yvonne and later proposes marriage to her.

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4. Matole is 16 years older than Yvonne

Yvonne Okwara is 41 years old as of 2024 while Dr. Matole is aged 57 years.

An age gap of 16 years is still a conversation starter among fanatics and critics.

5. He is from western Kenya

Yvonne Okwara and her husband Andrew Matole are both of the Luhya ethnic group.

They are however low key about their ancestry and family backgrounds.

6. He is an alumnae of Nairobi University

Matole is a master’s degree holder from the University of Nairobi where he pursued veterinary studies.

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He is particularly interested in animal health and medical research.

7. Matole is a member of the Kenya Veterinary Association

Doctor Matole is an executive member of the Kenya Veterinary Association.

In addition, he is an associate veterinary surgeon and clinician at Dr. Suresh Shah Veterinary Clinic.

Andrew Matole’s biography poises an accomplished veterinarian now engaged to the famed Yvonne Okwara.

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