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Trending » Hacks » Babu Gee wife Suzzy “she is young and beautiful” Kisii celebrities shield her from body shaming

Babu Gee wife Suzzy “she is young and beautiful” Kisii celebrities shield her from body shaming

Davison Nyaberi Mong’are Omosayansi Babu Gee wife Suzzy body shaming

Babu Gee and his wife Susan Moraa Antoni are still trending, days after throwing a memorable wedding. Photos and videos from their widely admired matrimonial event are still making rounds on social media, for all the good and wrong reasons alike. Babu Gee wife Suzzy is particularly on the spot for her age and plus size body.

It took the intervention of Kisii celebrities to silence restless critics who have been openly body shaming the newly engaged Suzzy. These notorious social media users allegedly trolled Suzzy for her thick body and assumed old age. It turns out that she is young and beautiful.

Susan Moraa Antoni Facebook profile

Suzzy is a youthful beauty and wife to the most loved Kisii pop star Babu Gee.

Susan Moraa Antoni age is about 30 years as of 2021 and she is of the Kisii tribe.

Suzzy may look more mature for her age, but deep down she is a little girl and way younger than Babu Gee Omosayansi.

Photos on Moraa Antoni Facebook profile shows that she is a charming and stylish woman.

A public display of affection towards her sweetheart, Babu Gee, become clearer when you scroll through her gallery.

Under the family and relationship section is her mother Norah Antoni and alleged brother Prod Augusto Ke.

At the bottom on the page is a favourite quote, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  

Above all, Susan Moraa Antoni, now wife to Babu Gee, is a staunch seventh day Adventist believer.  

Samuel Okemwa speaks against body shaming Babu Gee wife Suzzy

Aspirant senator Samuel Okemwa is among those choked with the backward behavior of body shaming.

The bitter Okemwa could not resist drawing attention to the painful suffering caused by body shaming on social media. Indeed, it is all unfair to the happiness of Babu Gee wife Suzzy.