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Photo: Msanii Music group Brandy Mokaya Profile . SRC: @brandy_mokaya

Brandy Mokaya Profile: Debut Song Nyota, Still Alive Signee, and Msanii Music Group Membership

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Brandy Mokaya from Msanii Music Group is lately a trendy songbird and first signee in Still Alive Production. She commands a sizable audience for her rhythmic vocals and unwavering passion in the gospel industry. Inside Brandy Mokaya profile is a detailed life story and a touching music journey.

An inborn talent is what drove Brandy into the full limelight. She continues to showcase her skills in music through powerful singing groups.

Brandy Mokaya the first signee in Still Alive

Still Alive Production First Signee Brandy Mokaya Launch
Photo: Still Alive Production First Signee Brandy Mokaya Launch . SRC: @brandy_mokaya

Still Alive CEO Timothy Boikwa happily received Brandy Mokaya as the first signee.

In the process, he declared the label an open platform for all artists seeking to monetize their releases.

Initially a music production studio, Still Alive is now a content distributor and a trusted music partner.

Brandy Mokaya EP Launch held on June 9, 2022 at Radisson Blue Hotel Upper Hill, Nairobi, ended with executive Boikwa making these memorable remarks.

“Today marks a new chapter in our journey. Starting out as a music production studio, Still Alive has now evolved into a content distributor and is a one stop shop for creators seeking to commercialize their works properly. Still Alive is today launching its label services arm and we are proud to introduce to you our first signee, ‘Brandy Mokaya.’ This is indeed a beautiful day and is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will be launching a number of new artists whom we have given multimillion shilling deals to. Serving God with your gift indeed pays and we are a testament of this.”

Timothy Boikwa, Still Alive CEO.

The gorgeous looking singer is clearly going to places with her relaxing voice. Who is Brandy Mokaya?

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Brandy Mokaya profile summary

The biography of Brandy Mokaya indicates that she is a middle aged beauty from the Kisii tribe in Western Kenya.

She discovered her singing talent at the age of 4 years while schooling at Shady Gardens Nursery School in Kisumu City.

Years later, she became an active pathfinder and youth choir member at the Kisii Central SDA Church.

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Brandy doubled up as a lead church chorister at Kisii Central and Moi Forces Academy.

Upon relocating to Nairobi, she blended into Nairobi East SDA Church youth choir.

Education background

Brandy attended Moi Forces Academy for her secondary school studies. During her college years, she specialized in Emergency Medicine.

Further sources indicate that Brandy is ongoing with a Bachelors’ degree in Western Sydney University, Australia.

Music career and list of songs

List of Brandy Mokaya songs and albums
Photo: List of Brandy Mokaya songs and albums . SRC: @brandy_mokaya

Brandy born into a family of two siblings is proud of her Christian founded parents.

As a result, she has been singing in churches for years now.

As we speak, Brandy is a lead vocalist in Msanii Music Group – she is particularly outstanding in these 3 songs;

  • Sikia Wimbo
  • Nakaza Mwendo
  • Nitangulie Mbele
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In 2022, Brandy launched her solo music career following the signing of a lucrative deal with Still Alive Production.

Her debut song “Nyota” released on April 20th and launched on June 9th has garnered at least 45k views on YouTube.

Most importantly, she is a woman of truth with a strong believe that her music will not only touch many hearts but also prepare them for the Second Advent.

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Contact Nyota hit maker for her latest albums and deals.

Brandy Mokaya profile introduces a gospel firebrand lady in the vineyard of Jesus Christ – She can only rise higher in the ministry.

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