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7 Profile Facts in Brenda Ngeso Biography: Maureen of Becky Series on Citizen TV, Net Worth

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Brenda Ngeso biography reveals the opposite about her true character in real life. There is even more to learn about the wealth-possessed Maureen from Becky Telenovela series on Citizen Television.

Apart from his profession as an officer, Maureen is a rising star on the wide screens. Her acting prowess continues to prosper with a steady gain in social media following.

7 Profile Facts in Brenda Ngeso Biography

Maureen has been starring in the Becky series since premiering on July 31, 2023.

But, just who is Maureen?

1. Brenda Ngeso originates in Kibera

Maureen of the Luo tribe in the Lake Region was born and raised in Kibera slums within Nairobi City County.

Brenda Ngeso aged about 30 years later moved upcountry to her ancestral home in Kisumu before resuming her city life with bigger dreams.

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2. She is an alumna of Lions High School in Kisumu

Maureen whose real name is Brenda Ngeso attended several academies in Nairobi for her primary education.

She eventually joined Lions High School in Kisumu for her secondary education and KCSE certification.

3. Her childhood dream was to become an architect

Maureen is a gifted architectural designer despite her lack of formal training.

It is alleged that she came up with the architectural design for her parent’s house in the village.

4. Maureen is a professional dancer

Thespian Maureen brags about multiple skills among them dancing, which was her major in college.

She is a lover of art owing to her creative muscle. She had this to say “But I never thought acting would be my future career.”

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She has performed at Two Rivers Mall and been a part of Dream Girls Musical.

5. She started acting in 2013

Maureen started acting in 2013 after attending several auditions to no avail.

Her role in Citizen TV’s Mother-in-Law program gave her a good start. However, her breakthrough came with the role of Adhis in the Show Mpakani.

6. She gained fame in Jiffy Pictures

Brenda Ngeso’s acting career gained shape on landing the role of Maureen in the Becky series.

“When they announced auditions, I just sent my picture and they invited me for a screen test. I was lucky that day. That was how I landed the role…Acting on Becky gave me a big breakthrough. It gave me a chance to showcase my talent to other actors and producers who did not previously know me.”

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Actor Brenda Ngeso alias Maureen.

The role of Maureen would only spice up her previous roles as Officer B in ‘Crime and Justice’ Show. She is also notorious for populous TV programs like Njoro wa Uba.

7. She earns about Ksh. 25,000 per episode

The net worth of Maureen in the Becky Series is estimated at Ksh. 5 million, with earnings of about Ksh. 25,000 per episode.

Apart from acting, Maureen is an assistant director and scriptwriter in the show.

Brenda Ngeso Biography further reveals that she is a proud mother of a rarely photographed 14-year-old kid. Above all, Maureen is a police officer employee in the Kenya Police Service.

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