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5 Unique Characteristics of A Kisii Man, Dating, Marriage, All Must Know Facts about Kisii Men

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A list of reasons why Kisii men make the best husbands is long but that does not mean they are perfect. This information is particularly useful for anyone not limited with tribal boundaries on who they befriend, meet, date, or marry. Think of it this way, you want to know the general characteristics of a Kisii man so that you can assess the destiny of your love life or friendship.

To start with, Kisii men are not all the same because of significant differences in their upbringing, exposure, education level, and goals in life. Therefore, it is unfair to place them all in a single box of out dated stereotypes. Even so, these 5 facts about Kisii men are likely to strike you anyway.

5 Unique characteristics of a Kisii man, dating a Kisii man?

Think of all great Kisii men such as Dr. Fred Matiangi and retired Chief Justice David Maraga. What do they all share in common?

The uniqueness of a Kisii man extends beyond a deep Gusii accent to include these 5 notable characteristics.

1. Kisii men are in born entrepreneurs with exceeding ambitions

No Kisii man will ever achieve all their dreams in a life time. This is because they have an endless stream of both realistic and unrealistic goals.

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Luckily, Kisii men own a strong and unceasing passion to achieve greater results in whatever they are doing.

Another God-given abilities to the Kisii men is a goal oriented mentality with a burning desire for more wealth.

While a few prefer shortcuts to the top, most of them are transparent and genuine in their dealings.

2. Naturally bright and intelligent but sometimes dominating and superstitious

The inborn intelligence of young Kisii men is evident in national examination results and workplace performances.

Overall, Kisii men take great pride in academic prosperity and can pay any price in exchange for good grades.

As such, almost all Kisii men want their children to either become doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, engineers, or pilots.

Sadly, they forcefully impose these heavy tag career interests on their children without considering talents, abilities, and career interests.

Amid this dominating attitude and rare expressions of intelligence is a deep rooted fear of superstition.

This is why most progressive Kisii men live with an unusual fear of enemies, especially superstitious people from back in their villages.

3. Goal oriented and boastful but with sharp inclination to morals

Kisii men are overly sensitive to how others feel, at least in their mannerism and protecting personal images.

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They value living harmoniously and can go an extra mile to redeem a broken relationship.

Some are, however, trouble makers with pretentious habits wrapped beneath a thick layer of lies.

Elsewhere, a good number of Kisii men are good at boasting and showing off their abilities, which are not necessarily true.

Nonetheless, these mysterious Kisii men will not let go any opportunity until they achieve meaningful results.

4. Romantic but emotionally insecure and often vulnerable in love

Kisii men are overpraised for their knowledge and exclusive bedroom abilities.

Sure enough, mastery of romance is a number one reason why most married women cheat with Kisii men.

Yes, they are handsome with a bigger manhood and a daring spirit to meet new women every other time, but that is beside the point.

A public opinion has it that Kisii men are way protective, mostly in who their girlfriends and wives befriend.

While men from Gusiiland make loyal husbands, they are often the victims of love when relationships turns rocky.

It is the same cherished loyalty that leaves Kisii men struggling with manipulative women in the end.

Similarly, Kisii men often swallow the bitter pills of love whenever they meet freedom seeking women.

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5. Full swing masculinity among the main characteristics of a Kisii man

Feminists and slay queens hate typical Kisii men because of their no nonsense approach on relationship affairs.

Firstly, Kisii men strongly belief that it is their God-given right to remain family heads

Secondly, Kisii men belief in fighting back and are, therefore, good at expressing their emotions including love and anger.

Lastly, Kisii men are warriors at heart having survived longstanding border conflicts with the neighbouring Maasai and Kalenjins.  

Moving on, the civilized ones have learnt and are now celebrating the place of women in building a strong family.

Understanding the characteristics of a Kisii man

Gusiiland men rank highly against other tribes in Kenya for their hardworking spirit and open mindedness approach to situations.

Most importantly, Kisii men make good leaders with a clean reputation in their service to the community.

Those who have befriended, dated, or married Gusii men agree with the characteristics of a Kisii man. Above all, these qualities are more prevalent among typical Kisii men as opposed to the rest.

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